5 Holiday Treat Recipes To Try This Christmas Season

5 Holiday Treat Recipes To Try This Christmas Season

Try these recipes for extra holiday cheer!

Nat W  Nat W  on 11 Mar '15

Tis the season to be jolly! December is now fast approaching, which means the Christmas season is officially upon us! As we bid farewell to pumpkin spice and autumnal colours of the fall, we are greeted with the warm embrace of holiday cheer.

Here at Foodie, we understand that Christmas is a magical (and very busy) time of the year – with all the holiday shopping, quality time spent with friends and family, bright lights and decorations being hung… it’s hard finding the time to yourself and just relax in the chaos… But fear not! We have comprised a list of easy holiday treats for you to try (and indulge in) when you’re feeling like you need a little pick-me-up baking that is sure to impress.

Pecan Tassies/Tartlets:

These delicate pecan tassies/tartlets are the perfect holiday treat. Though a tad bit more complicated to make (as you will need to make both the tart crust and the filling), these delectable little treats encompass a vibrant mouthful of rich flavours that will leave you wanting more…

The tartlet’s buttery, crumbly golden crust strikes the perfect balance and pairs very nicely with the sweet and luxurious flavours of the pecan filling, highlighting it’s velvety smoothness against the crunchy nuts laying on top of it.

Image title(Source of Image: http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/wp-                 content/uploads/2012/11/mini-phyllo-pecan-tarts-11.jpg)


Christmas Chocolate Cookies:

If something chocolate-y sounds better to you, look no further than these chocolate Christmas cookies! Though small in size, these shortbread biscuits pack an enormous amount of deep, decadent flavours that are “meltingly gorgeous to eat”!

Once out of the oven, each cracked dollop of homemade comfort is then covered with a thin blanket of dark Christmas glaze and sprinkled ever-so-lightly with little red, green, and white pinprick dots to finish.

However, for those who worry about it being too sweet, know that there is a harmonious balance within the flavours of this particular cookie as the bitterness of the dark coco counteracts the sweetness of the chocolate glaze, thus balancing each other out perfectly.

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(Source of Image: http://www.eating-for-england.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Plate-of-Christmas-Cookies.jpg)


Classic Gingerbread Man Biscuits:

Looking for something you can get children involved with this holiday season? Then the classic gingerbread men biscuits are the way to go! With this simple and foolproof (and delicious!) gingerbread man cookie dough recipe, you can pre-make and pre-bake the festive treats and present them to the kids for a fun-filled afternoon of DIY decorating! This way, rather than stressing out about decorating each and every one of those gingerbread men alone, you have little Christmas elves to help you lighten the load and finish the job in time!  

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DIY Christmas Reindeer Cupcakes:

If you’re still looking for a Christmassy activity to entertain the kids (or even yourself or your friends) with, look no further than these cute Christmas reindeer cupcakes that will be sure to melt their (and your) hearts!

This easy DIY Christmas reindeer allows for you to prep a day or two earlier if you would prefer to make the cupcakes yourself and just have your little ones decorate – fuss free, and saves you a lot of time. Alternatively, you can get the older kids involved by including them in both the cupcake making process and the decorating.

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                     (Source of Image: http://www.withsprinklesontop.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/DSC_2812x900.jpg)


S’mores Hot Chocolate Recipe:

This one’s for all the adventurous souls who want to incorporate their love for the outdoors in-doors as the weather begins to cool. Everybody loves a good cup of quality hot coco, there’s no doubt about that. But what if I told you we’ve found the perfect hot chocolate recipe that will blow your mind…

In her video, YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen (aka: missglamorazzi) has created a unique holiday twist to the traditional hot chocolate drink that is perfect for curling up next to the cozy warm fireplace on a chilly winters night.

This particular concoction strikes a good balance between sweet and savory due to the lightly salted graham cracker (or digestives) crumbs ring around the mug. While it may sound strange to have a savory element in your hot chocolate, it works very well as a tool to cut or counter the sweetness of the irresistibly plump roasted marshmallows floating in a pool of rich, dark goodness. The use of unsweetened coco powder is also appreciated, as it is definitely what keeps this mug of hot coco humble and not overpowering.

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(Source of Image: http://cdn.foodbeast.com.s3.amazonaws.com/content/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/smores-hot-chocolate.jpg)


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