Easter Treat Recipes

Easter Treat Recipes

Why not give these festive treats a go! 

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Happy, happy Easter, fellow foodies! In today’s piece, you’ll find a list of five adorably cute Easter inspired treat recipes (simply click on each image to find them), filled with beautifully bright colours and festive decorations that will be sure to steal your heart!

1) To start off the list, here’s a Hot Cross Bun(nies) recipe by Sorted Food:

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(Source: One for the Table)

For a gluten free alternative, why not give Jamie Oliver’s version a try:

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(Source: Jamie Oliver)

While the process of making these decadent, and deliciously homey bites of goodness may seem strenuously tedious, be patient; for good things come to those who wait…

2) Ever wonder what it would be like to cross a rainbow with Easter and then… eat it? Well, now you don’t have to because it’s just been made into reality with Popsugar Food’s Ultimate Easter Peeps Cookie Bar treat!

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(Source: Pop Sugar)

This beautifully colourful, marshmallow-y Easter delight is sure to not only satisfy and impress any sweet tooth, but will also most definitely score you some amazing parental points with your kids this holiday!

3) Why not let your creative, DIY/arts-and-crafts side shine by giving Popsugar Food’s Deviled Egg Chicks a go this Easter season

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(Source: Black Family Ye)

Who says Easter goodies have to be sweet? This savoury (and oh, so, very cute) alternative will be sure to balance out all the sugary treats you’ve been nibbling at this holiday.

4) Introducing Crumbs Food’s “Squegg”- a squashed chocolate egg that would be perfect to make for the kitchen novice, or for the energetic children that parents are trying to entertain during this fun-filled Easter holiday as they are incredibly simple and direct to make!

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(Source: https://plus.google.com/102871160558338172539/posts)

Don’t worry, this is a non-bake, quick and easy, incredibly well received chocolate goodie that can be ready in minutes! If you're still unsure, simply click on the image for a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you.

5) Finally, here’s a familiar one that most will know and love:  the Chocolate Easter Egg Nest recipe that can be found on the BBC website that will definitely suit, again, the kitchen novice or parents with children.

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(Source: Gourmet Getaways)

These are incredibly simple and fuss-free to make. Quick and easy, whipped up in a matter of minutes, yet these chocolate-y nests look not only amazingly festive but also bear the illusion of being skillfully crafted.

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