A Hidden Gem for Desserts

A Hidden Gem for Desserts

Just one ingredient can elevate your home treats

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Nestlé Hong Kong  Nestlé Hong Kong  on 7 Jun '17

Whipping a few select ingredients into a luscious dessert is as simple as adding a tin of sweetened condensed milk. Like magic, condensed milk can transform a plain pie into a creamy lemon meringue, turn a standard sauce into a decadent dulce du leche or convert a common cake into a rich red velvet caramel crème.

Condensed milk is revered in Hong Kong in long-standing favourites like Hong Kong–style French toast; it’s considered the perfect toast topper, and cha chaan tengs do a boundless trade based on thick milk bread cooked golden brown with a sweet layer of condensed milk on top. A meal in a dai pai dong is not complete without a cup of milk tea, the smooth, full-bodied beverage consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and condensed milk is also the magic ingredient that creates crispy buns, that classic Hong Kong snack that’s crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

The unique flavour of Vietnamese iced coffee is down to this hidden gem of an ingredient – that’s right, condensed milk. It’s also super easy to replicate at home with NESTLÉ® EAGLE® Sweetened Condensed Milk for a luscious treat – or you can use NESTLÉ® EAGLE® Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk for a feel-good version that’s lower in fat, yet still delivers the same delicious flavours.

Don’t know what condensed milk is?

Condensed milk is a form of concentrated milk in which around 60 per cent of the water content is removed from fresh milk to reveal a rich, creamy texture that’s ideal for use in baking, desserts and as a topping or sweet spread.

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