Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life

Coffee and tea for every occasion

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Nestlé Hong Kong  Nestlé Hong Kong  on 28 Aug '17

Routine can be great for staying on track and keeping us grounded, but what about when you want to break out of the mould and spice things up? Your daily cuppas can be an easy place to add a little zing, with NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® and its colourful clan of delicious drinks in abundant array.

The classic Espresso can provide an energetic start to the day with its soft, nutty notes or, if you’re after a sharper hit, the Ristretto Ardenza is a shorter, darker and more intense coffee with aromas of hazelnut and liquorice that’s sure to begin your morning with a bold punch of flavour.  

When you’re feeling adventurous and after a new sensation, the new Citrus Honey Black Tea with its dynamic yet smooth and tangy flavour could be the perfect burst of refreshment or step away from the everyday teas and coffees with the Tea Latte. Light and creamy with a snowy foam top, this invigorating drink is a twist on the standard that’ll pep up your day.

If a treat is in order, the satiny, smooth Chococino has a balance of cocoa and frothy milk that’ll indulge the taste buds and comfort the soul or the Caramel Latte Macchiato provides fruity coffee notes tumbled together with caramel-infused milk for a velvety mixture for those sweet-toothed cravings.

When guests come calling, flip the Dolce Gusto switch to cold brew and break out the Lemon Iced Tea pods for a sweet spot of refreshment to drink over a catch up conversation or open up the Soy Cappuccino for friends who prefer a dairy-free alternative.

Collect all the colour-coded flavours and you’ll have a distinctive drink for every time of day, individual preference, change of weather and different mood. With varieties that range in intensity, size, style and aroma, you won’t be missing out on any unique options. Have fun discovering the many varieties that await your taste buds!

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