The Great Things about Greek-style...

The Great Things about Greek-style...

...yoghurt, that is!

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Naturally low in fat with a distinct flavour and texture

Greek-style yoghurt is a creamy, rich treat for the taste buds that’s an easy everyday snack. It’s quick to prepare and easy to include in your daily diet. Freshly made every day, with no artificial colourings or preservatives, Greek-style yoghurt is brimming with live cultures known as probiotics.

This style of yoghurt is created by straining the whey to remove the liquid, which produces this naturally low in fat, texturally rich product.

As well as the uniquely thick texture, here are some more differences between regular and Greek-style yoghurt:

  • Regular yoghurt curdles when heated. The increased protein in Greek-style yoghurt prevents this from occurring, making it an ideal cooking ingredient.
  • When eaten plain, Greek-style yoghurt tastes less sweet than regular yoghurt.

Much less sweet, sharper and thicker than regular yoghurt, there are a heap of uses for this versatile product. Mix Greek-style yogurt into a soup as you would sour cream, use as a healthier substitute in sandwich fillings in place of mayonnaise or crème fraiche, as a salad dressing or dip for vegetables, as a tangy dessert topping in place of whipped cream or as a dessert on its own when combined with a dollop of honey.

This is a true essential product for your refrigerator and an indulgence for the taste buds that’s a mindful ingredient to include in everyday cooking.

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