Only for 3 Days: Legendary Mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno Returns to Hong Kong

Only for 3 Days: Legendary Mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno Returns to Hong Kong

World-famous bartender returns to work his magic at Bar De Luxe

Nic  Nic  on 7 Jul '17

Bar De Luxe, opened last December on the upper level of Attire House by world-renowned Japanese mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno, has been impressing guests with a range of delightful cocktails and stylish interior decoration with breathtaking views. Overseen by Ueno-san’s protégé Yuriko Naganuma, Bar De Luxe serves cocktails made from fresh seasonal produce, from pear and pomegranate during autumn to yuzu, kiwi and strawberries from Japan in winter and spring.       

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 Bar De Luxe View

From 10–12 July 2017, Ueno-san, who also owns the legendary Bar High Five, one of the most popular bars in Tokyo, will be back in Hong Kong once again to wow guests with refreshing concoctions made with fresh summer fruits. Guests will be able to try his Kyoho grape cocktail ($178), passion fruit cocktail ($198), pineapple cocktail ($178) and bellini ($218) amongst other fruity creations.  

Kyoho Grape Cocktail

Kyoho grape cocktail

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Ueno-san has been mixing cocktails for 25 years, consistently winning or placing as a finalist in cocktail competitions for various spirits and is now a judge for many of these contests, so this will prove to be a rare and valuable chance to experience the master at work.

29–30/F, 8 Wyndham Street, Central, 3706 5716

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