New Restaurant Review: ZERO

New Restaurant Review: ZERO

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Mix and match Italian style at Langham Place

ZERO, located on the 12th floor of Langham Place, opened recently with a nifty concept: to mix and match freely, with dishes served up by Executive Chef Zero Yu.

Walking into the shop, the interior design aptly conveys the restaurant‘s concept. The walls have different designs, from newspaper cuttings, to more formal patterns, to 3D images on the wall opposite the entrance. There are even different kinds of floor surfaces. The overall design of the restaurant itself is already a hodgepodge of different designs, oozing with creativity.

Image titleWe started off with some cocktails. I tried the Blu Blu Blu ($48) since it was made from spirits with tropical flavours. It was a decent cocktail, but the Malibu coconut rum was a bit strong and the pineapple flavour was almost nonexistent. Also, the design of the straw caused some of the drink to drip onto the table.

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The menu also reflects the chef‘s creativity. We began our meal with the octopus and daikon salad ($78) with pickled ginger, spring onion, crispy shallot, bonito flakes and yuzu sauce. It was extremely enjoyable; the large pieces of octopus went well with the appetising yuzu dressing.

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We then had a charcuterie platter ($148). It was good, but nothing special.

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Up next was the assorted starter platter ($178), which was served on a Ferris wheel. Seriously. The Turkish bread, meatball skewers, Ibérico ham croquettes, honey chilli wings and fried okra and squid had one car each. The ham croquettes stood out the most, despite the flavour of the ham itself being quite subtle. The crunchy exterior and soft, creamy interior made an excellent match with the accompanying truffle sauce. 

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We also tried the steamed truffle and prawn parcels ($125) with poached egg, fried shallot, pickled shiitake and Madeira dressing. This was an interesting fusion dish that looked like prawn cheong fun, but it had a slightly Western twist with the poached egg and truffle.

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Another fusion dish was the salted egg yolk risotto with shrimp from the set lunch menu, which changes every week. The Italian dish was given an Asian twist that turned out pretty well. It wasn‘t very heavy and the courgette bits gave the dish some crunchy texture.

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Now, I‘ve always loved to customise things to my liking. On ZERO‘s menu, they had just the thing for me: a create-your-own-pizza (from $88). The menu includes a wide range of seafood, which is not very common for pizza, and also offers a special laksa sauce! We made ourselves a seafood pizza with salsa verde, smoked mozzarella, unagi (eel), scallops, clams, mussels and mixed peppers. It tasted good – nothing particularly special – but we had fun letting our imagination run wild, discussing what to put on the pizza and seeing our creation in the end.

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For dessert, they had a dessert pizza creation (from $78) and ice cream mix and match ($68). We were rather full by then, so I went for two scoops of ice cream (matcha and cookies ‘n‘ cream) with salted caramel sauce, strawberries, honeycomb and popping candy. This combination made for a pretty photogenic dessert, and it tasted good too! 

They also offer create-your-own non-fat yoghurt smoothies ($45), allowing you to mix two flavours from a list. We tried pineapple with banana and pineapple with mango. They were light and refreshing, not too sweet.


ZERO offers decent food at reasonable prices, standing out successfully with its creative concept. They also have a set lunch menu that changes every week, so there‘s always something new to discover.

Shop 05–09, 12/F, Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, 2918 1234

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