Getting Irritated With Loud Chewing/Slurping Noises is an Actual Psychiatric Condition

Getting Irritated With Loud Chewing/Slurping Noises is an Actual Psychiatric Condition

Does it bug you when you're out people are slurping loudly and chewing with their mouthes open? Getting irritated with loud chewing/slurping noises is an actual psychiatric condition

Nick  Nick  on 26 Sep '15

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Misophonia is a term used for those people who hate sound, but it also applies to those who are sensitive to particular types of sounds. It is widely considered to be an actual psychiatric condition and studies suggest that people who suffer from this disorder would be most likely to inflict harm upon a noisy eating individual making "mouthy noises". Hashtag justification. 

Tests have shown that sufferers of misophonia result very differently than non-sufferers when reacting to the same stimuli. The interesting part is that most sufferers realise that they are being effected more by the particular stimuli and therefore try to utilise certain coping mechanisms. The worst part is that all these coping mechanisms usually result in a negative effect for that person's mood for the rest of the day. 

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Fortunately, there is desensitisation therapy that can be very beneficial to overcome misophonia. The basic principle of the therapy is that having positive reinforcement for your negative triggers will retrain your brain (and kind of trick it) to not hate that particular trigger quite as much, or at all. 

An example of this therapy would be you indulging in your favourite food as the scent of it wafts around your environment, while someone is sitting next to you eating their food in a cacophonous manner. Your brain will think of the taste and smell of that eggplant parmesan as the person next to you satiates their body with something that you hate or in a manner that you find irritating. The only potential problem is that this therapy could make you absolutely despise your favourite food too, so maybe enjoy your second or third favourite meal for the therapy. You don't want to hate pizza for the rest of your life, do you?

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