Growing 6,000 Pounds of Food on a 1/10 of an Acre in Los Angeles [video]

Growing 6,000 Pounds of Food on a 1/10 of an Acre in Los Angeles [video]

The Dervaes family grows over 6,000 pounds of organic, delicious food, 15 minutes from Los Angeles

Nick  Nick  on 3 Oct '15

Top photo credit: Rick & Brenda Beerhorst

10 years ago when Jules Dervae started a urban homestead on his small plot of land just outside of Los Angeles, people laughed at him, his children were nervous to have their friends over and even he wasn't quite sure how everything would work out. Flash forward to the present day and everyday Jules and his three children have renowned chefs, neighbours and people calling to get their hands on some of his delicious food. He and his 3 children run their urban farm and love it and they eat foods that they themselves have produced within a hundred yards from where it was grown.

Every year they produce 25 pounds of honey, 4300 pounds of veggies, 1000 duck eggs, 900 chicken eggs and pounds of seasonal fruit. All together they use over 400 species of plants on their little plot! This food feeds all four members of the family and they sell the rest of their food from their porch, making $20,000 dollars a year from the leftover food. They live a very healthy and sustainable life and wouldn't change it for the world. Their website gets over 6 million hits a month and Jules' vision of creating a larger homestead with his family and friends gains momentum and acceptance everyday.

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As our beautiful earth becomes more crowded everyday with people and our cities continue to grow and expand taking up more land, people like Jules will be at the forefront for providing a viable vision for sustainable, local homesteading that could see our planet continue to grow and the people that inhabit it to have quality, healthy, local foods for all. Even after feeding himself and his family, he still has food available to others so the idea of efficient, green farming on small pieces of land gives our society hope for the future and hope that there can be enough food for everybody on planet earth someday.

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