The $1500 Dollar Sandwich that Took 6 Months to Make [Video]

The $1500 Dollar Sandwich that Took 6 Months to Make [Video]

A man took 6 months and spent $1500 on a sandwich, of which every ingredient was made by his own hands from scratch [video]

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Andy George went to great lengths to make a sandwich that is truly from "scratch". He did if for a series called "How To Make Everything" and it's pretty incredible.

He planted his own garden for the veggies, milked a cow and then made cheese from the milk, pickled cucumbers, took ocean water and made salt from it, slaughtered a chicken, collected honey and even ground flour from wheat to create his own bread. Such an agonising, expensive process really makes a person ponder the notion of where you food comes from.

Here is a great video documenting his sandwich adventure:

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