Why You Should be Eating Your Avocado Seeds

Why You Should be Eating Your Avocado Seeds

Apparently avocado seeds are officially the newest superfood

Nick  Nick  on 29 Oct '15

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Avocados are extremely versatile. They make any sandwich or salad more scrumptious and they make eggs divine for breakfast. Heck, they even make guacamole, well, guacamole. Until recently there wasn't very much information on potential health benefits associated with the consumption of avocado seeds, so unfortunately billions of avocado seeds have been thrown away...until now.

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Here are some potential health benefits that can be derived from the consumption of avocado seeds:

  • avocado seeds are great for most digestive needs, whether it be you are using the bathroom a little too frequently or not frequently enough
  • there is nourishing oil found inside the seed, which is responsible for 70% of the total antioxidant value of a whole avocado
  • the nutrients in avocado seeds may help a sick individual beat their cold / flu a little quicker
  • avocado seeds contain flavonol, and flavonol may help with the prevention and reduction of tumors in certain cases
  • avocado seeds are not only easy on the stomach but they can help with gastric ulcers as well, either through prevention or reduction

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  • these seeds are very beneficial for reducing inflammation in people's bodies
  • avocado seeds may help in the fight against free radical cells that cause aging and illness in human beings
  • some people say that avocado seed consumption helps them with aches and body pains naturally as well as joint discomfort and they may help with a reduction of bone disease in some individuals
  • avocado seeds may provide an individual with a feeling of fullness unmatched by other common snacks
  • the seeds are beneficial in helping to control an individuals' blood glucose level and may also be beneficial for some with losing weight

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How to eat the seed:

Enjoy a little avocado on a turkey sandwich and then instead of discarding the avocado seed, place it in a plastic sack, and then smash the seed with a mallet or hammer. Take the crushed seed and place it in the blender. Once it is fully crushed, add it into a smoothie or simply sprinkle it over a delicious meal. 

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