You've Been Cutting Cake Wrong Your Entire Life [video]

You've Been Cutting Cake Wrong Your Entire Life [video]

Apparently there is a right and a wrong way to cut your cake

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Nick  Nick  | almost 3 years ago

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This video unfortunately came out just a few days late for a cake fiasco that one of my friends was enduring. She's getting married next summer and so she had recently visited town to sample some potential wedding cakes at her wedding venue. Sure enough she got to sample three different circular cakes and undoubtedly they were all dried out within the first day in their new home, the refrigerator.

If only she had watched this video first, those cakes would still be spongy and as delicious as ever. After watching this video it'll be your duty as a human being to save as many cakes as you can in your lifetime. Nobody likes a dried-out cake. Nobody.

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