15 Twists on the Classic Mac and Cheese

15 Twists on the Classic Mac and Cheese

15 fun recipes to help you elevate your mac and cheese game

Nick  Nick  on 20 Nov '15

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Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Oh, my, goodness, these are so good. Many of us have enjoyed these fried balls of deliciousness at fairs, festivals and other gatherings but this recipe takes the tastiness of them to new heights. These are perfect for Thanksgiving and festivities because everyone loves them, they are bite-sized and easy to consume at parties. 

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Spicy Ham Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese with ham is just good. There's no way that the addition of a version of bacon to the already delicious thing of mac and cheese could be met with much opposition.

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Broccoli Mac and Cheese with Jalapeños

Broccoli is a welcomed addition and jalapeños add a really piquant zip to the dish. The dairy in the cheese helps to neutralise the spiciness just a bit so it's a match made in heaven.

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The Mac and Cheese Burger

Imagine such a creation and then look at the picture below. Enough said.

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Mac and Cheese Chilli

Who would've thought that the combination of two fairly delicious individual items would one day create one of the greatest dishes ever?

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Crock Pot Buffalo Mac and Cheese

I'm one of those people out there that likes to claim that the crockpot is underrated. I think it's a wonder the modern world and this dish confirms it. 

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Cauliflower and Broccoli Mac and Cheese

This take on mac and cheese is great. Cauliflower and broccoli go together like peanut butter and jelly. The vegetables add a little crunch (and health) to the noodles and kids will love it.

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Lobster Mac and Cheese

You'll only have to try this recipe only once and you'll be hooked. Go ahead, make your mac and cheese fancy!

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Mac and Cheese with Green Chillies

Mac and cheese can sometimes taste a little bland but this dish is fiery and the opposite of boring.

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Sage and Mushroom Mac and Cheese

I wasn't sold on this recipe until I actually tried it. So, so good. The sage in it gives it such a good taste and the mushrooms are sensational. They are soft and succulent and really make this version of mac and cheese.

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Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

Oh my goodness. I love pulled pork and goodness is it good in this dish. It perfectly complements the mac and cheese and the broccoli is just icing on the cake, or should we say, the broccoli on the mac and cheese. Hey oh!

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Crab Cake Mac and Cheese

This is another fancy-pants mac and cheese recipe but I guarantee your dinner guests won't stop raving about it. It's easily one of the best mac and cheese recipes that I've encountered over the years and yes, I do consider myself to be a mac and cheese connoisseur of sorts.

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Mac and Cheese Pizza Bites

Your kids are gonna go crazy for these. As long as there is pizza in the name, they'll love it. Bite-sized and delicious, they're different enough to most other takes on mac and cheese so people will really enjoy the creativity.

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Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

I absolutely despise squash. It's one of the only things that I still can't eat, even after 30 years of my tastebuds slowly dying, but I can do it in this recipe. The squash adds the perfect texture to this dish and the flavour is incredible. 

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Mac and Cheese with Sriracha Drizzle and Roasted Poblano

You'll really enjoy this recipe if you're like me and put Sriracha on everything. Eggs for breakfast, let's add a little zip to it. Pizza for dinner? I'll add a little heat to that as well. Plus, this has roasted poblanos in it too. The overall flavour is moreish to say the least.

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