Quintessential Cocktails and Oysters

Quintessential Cocktails and Oysters

Two simple words send sheer delight into my evening agenda: cocktails and oysters, and luckily The Walrus Room in West London has both to offer

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After opening its doors about four weeks ago, this gem of a bar offers a classy, poetic, vintage feel with passion and delicacy in their ingredients.

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While the prices are a bit higher than your average bar, it ever so naturally has brought in quality that resonates pride and ambition.

Cocktails are crafted from the marriage of English authenticity and taste sensation. Imagine truffle infused vodka, rhubarb and rosehip cordial, cucumber tinted gin and tonic – and possibly the best Prosecco available.

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When you start to get a little peckish, dabble in the delight of their rock oysters – fresh beyond belief even amidst this summer heat. If the sea water tasty phenomenon is not for you, opt for the charcuterie board of delicate meats and sesame cracked flatbread.

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If this isn’t enough, and you are as greedy as myself and the crew – try out their lobster rolls and potted crab. While still experimenting with their taste combinations and perfecting their canapé offerings, the seafood on its own is delectably fresh.

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Four hours in and the room is filled with a buzz of excitement and banter. Addictive, inviting and a perfect combination for summer.

The Walrus Room; 40 Battersea Rise, Clapham, SW11 1EE.

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