Pamper Your Mom on Mother's Day

Pamper Your Mom on Mother's Day

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Are you stuck on what to do for your mom this Mother's Day? There is a sweet idea for you to celebrate and honour your mom.

Part of serving great food is presentation. Here at Café Neo, the impeccable food presentation will likely impress you just as much as the delectable flavours.


Using edible flowers and fruits in cooking, the Flower and Fruit Dinner Buffet absolutely will excite your palate. Particularly worth trying are the Salmon Terrine with Chrysanthemum and Lavender Jelly, Simmered Beef Finger with Tomato, Pear and Violet Flower and, Roasted Lavender Pork Loin with Kiwi and Longan Dip.

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Don’t forget to sample the decadent desserts including the Delightful Chocolate Fountain with different colours, floral-inspired desserts - Osmanthus Lychee Cake, Jasmine Chocolate Cake, Passion Fruit Lavender Cheese Cake and Rose and Raspberry Opera Cake. Another tasty choice are the the luscious fruit desserts, including Mika Mandarin White Chocolate Stick, Durian Pudding and Mandarin Cream Cheese Pudding.

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The food not only appears fancy, the mix of floral and fruit flavours even creates a truly unique dining experience for you to reward your beloved mom.

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