1-minute Gratitude Break

1-minute Gratitude Break

Change your life this new year!

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By Jennifer Yip, holistic life coach and founder of Living Life with Jen

Rushing for deadlines, skipping meals, losing physical flexibility before the age of 30, having trouble sleeping… sound familiar?

We live in such a high-stress world, causing us to forget that we have the choice to take a break. We cannot change the world we are living in nor is there a quick-fix solution to such a stress-ridden lifestyle. However, we can choose to get our life back by sparing just one minute. This small step can completely change your life this new year! 

Every second is a chance to live your life again. Choose to commit to this simple practice by honouring yourself with a one-minute gratitude break. Be flexible – apply it anytime, anywhere. Make it a habit. All you need is the willingness to start now. Schedule yourself a one-minute gratitude break every day, steering your thoughts back to love with the following steps:

Step 1: I am grateful for...

Find a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor. Elongate your spine and ensure that your head is in line with your hips, your shoulders are upright and your back is straight. Appreciate the whole process and start by saying, ”I am grateful for...” 

”I am grateful for having a one-minute break. I am grateful for sitting in this comfortable position. I am grateful for feeling that my body is alive, my hips, my shoulders, my back, my neck, my tissues, my muscles and my bones.”

Step 2: I am blissful for...

Rest your arms on your thighs and relax your shoulders. Start breathing slowly and deeply. Begin saying, ”I am blissful for…” to continue the gratitude. Focus only on the breath in this moment.

”I am blissful for having the ability to breathe. I am blissful for feeling the fresh air flowing inside me, opening up my heart and going all the way down to my belly. I am blissful for simply breathing. I am blissful for having the luxury to slow down and relax.”

Step 3: I am thankful for…

Create awareness of the feelings inside your heart. Allow yourself to keep sending out the gratitude by saying, ”I am thankful for…“ Be spontaneous. Let go of all the negative thoughts. Release your mind. Focus only on your heart and allow love to speak through you.

”I am thankful for feeling calm and peace right now. I am thankful for loving myself more today, even for just one minute. I am thankful for connecting myself more to different sensations. I am thankful for being able to breathe, see, taste, smell and hear. I am thankful for being able to feel. I am thankful for feeling all the joy, happiness, bliss, peace and abundance inside me. I am thankful for having so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for being me.”

Take another slow, deep breath – and release.

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