Pinot Duck

Pinot Duck

Peking duck tapas

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Pinot Duck, situated at the Stanley Plaza, is probably my new favourite restaurant around Hong Kong. They serve traditional peking duck in a modern and trendy tapas way, with a concept of reconstructing classic Asian recipes to produce inspiring and appetizing dishes. Our meal starts with Vietnamese rice paper rolls wrapped with spring onions, roasted peking duck, cucumber strips and fresh mango. A very comforting thickened hot and sour soup has a generous amount of shredded roasted duck, bamboo shoots, fungus, bean curd and mushrooms. While the simple steamed lotus leaf rice is incredibly cute served in a hot skillet, I also love the fluffy steamed slider buns, filled with roasted duck, hoisin sauce and several classic condiments.

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Rice Paper Rolls
Vietnamese summer rolls with fresh mango & nuoc nam

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Hot & Sour Soup
Shredded roasted duck with wood fungus, bamboo shoots, dried bean curd strips, shitake mushroom with smoked chipotles

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Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice
Black truffle fried rice with eggs, carrots, mushrooms & sweet corn steamed in lotus leaf wrap

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Steamed Chinese Buns
Classic duck & condiments, sandwiched in northern-style buns

Pinot Duck
Address: Shop G07 The Piazza, Stanley Plaza 23 Carmel Road, Stanley, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2772 0060
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00

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