Chino in Kennedy Town

Chino in Kennedy Town

Chino in Kennedy Town are taking taco creativity to new heights

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On the corner of North street there is a cool looking white house which perfectly suits the new vibe in Kennedy Town. This white house and its wall of street art is Chino, a restaurant with modern design that serves distinctive Asian and Japanese inspired Mexican food using locally sourced ingredients. Some of their popular menu items include chips and salsa, market fish ceviche, salads and tacos, which are all made fresh upon ordering at their open kitchen.

Their crispy tortilla chips are served wonderfully warm with a creamy guacamole dip.

The scallop and uni tostada is not only appealingly delicate in looks, but tastes incredibly delectable, especially with its crispy base and sweet sea urchin and fresh raw scallops!

While both the soft tacos are made equally perfect, the batter fried fish fillet retains a silkiness to it whereas the deep fried avocado has a crispy outer layer with a creamy interior. Not to mention the mashed black bean and chilli salsa that complements it so well.

This is definitely my favourite spot for some high quality, downright delicious Mexican tacos!

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Guacamole & chips

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Tostada, scallop, uni

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Crispy fish, chipotle kewpie, salsa fresca

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Avocado, black Beans, Oaxaca cheese

Address: 1B-1C New Praya, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2606 0588
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 18:00-00:00 ; Sat 12:00-15:00 ; Sun 12:00-18:00

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