Two New Openings of i Cremeria

Two New Openings of i Cremeria

The two new i Cremeria shops will offer exclusive parfaits located at the Sogo and World Trade Centre branches

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To honour the openings of the two newest locations of i Cremeria in Sogo and WTC, the branches have brought two new scrumptious eclair parfaits to the table. One is a Hokkaido milk base with Japanese strawberry sauce, which is exclusive to Sogo Hong Kong, the other is a Japanese-sourced matcha affogato located at the World Trade Centre location.

From the bottom up, the matcha parfait consists of a layer of matcha pudding, followed by milk soft serve and matcha soft serve. It is finished off with half of an eclair and finally a shot of matcha.

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Japanese matcha eclair soft cream parfait
日本直送 四万十產 抹茶泡芙芭菲

The strawberry version is similar with layers of Hokkaido milk soft serve, with kanten, strawberry sauce and a shot of strawberry chocolate ganache. It is comparatively sweeter than the matcha version.

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Image title

Japanese strawberry eclair soft cream
日本直送 中土佐產 草莓泡芙芭菲

Both the eclairs are worth noting because the choux pastries have retained the ideal texture, while the former one is covered with matcha chocolate and filled with a surprisingly delicious sweet cream, the latter is dipped in strawberry chocolate.

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Matcha chocolate eclair, matcha soft serve
抹茶泡芙, 抹茶雪糕

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Strawberry chocolate eclair, Hokkaido milk soft serve
草莓朱古力泡芙, 北海道牛乳雪糕

These flawless combinations have been very impressive. They have their very own distinctive characteristics and the presentations of both were absolutely stunning!

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i CREMERIA Dolce Giapponese
Address: Basement 2-18, Sogo, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2831 3960
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 10:00-22:00 ; Fri-Sat 10:00-22:30

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