All Types of Delicious in Kennedy Town

All Types of Delicious in Kennedy Town

So many delicious foods at the iPick Insider Event in Kennedy Town

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 28 Sep '15

There have been a lot of new eateries popping up in the "West Soho", or sometimes called "K-Town" area in recent years. It is hard to tell what is the best cuisine here. Mexican? Italian? Thai? British?

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Starting at a family focused and kid-friendly restaurant, we are served with a platter of three treats: tuna crudo, short ribs and crab cakes.

The beef short ribs are incredibly tender, served with an extremely delicious madera glaze that gives a smoky and sweet note.

We're coming back to Kinsale for the lump crab cakes. It came as a light order this time made with lumpy crab meat that's generously coated with breadcrumbs and is fried to a perfect golden brown. The mayonnaise and pineapple salsa in the cakes also contributes to the sweet and light refreshment.

Additionally, Kinsale serves gourmet food with impressive services during their weekend brunch! Check it out HERE!

Image title

Image title

Lump crab cakes
Pickled cucumber, red onion & chives, sauce gribiche

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Braised smoked beef short rib
Madera glaze, pomme puree, baby carrots & pearl onion

Source: Spot The Food - A K Town Food Tour

Sunday's Grocery

Located on Catchick street, the conveniently located Sunday's Grocery in the neighborhood focuses on high-quality and creative sandwiches that contain inspirations ranging from Vietnamese, to Japanese and even Korean.

Composed of a Japanese breadcrumb chicken burger, sandwiched between two thick-cut pieces of Danish toast, the thick burger excellently retains its juiciness, which is great due to the issue of the soggy bread from the mayo coleslaw.

In particular, the homemade market chips are remarkable especially when topped with the secret sweet honey-like syrup.

A list of liquors are also available here at Sunday's; including Japanese whisky, sake, shochu, beer, wine, and spirits.

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Katsu sando & market chips

Image title

Suntory Kakuhi

Source: Spot The Food - Your Handy Sandwiches

Bistro du Vin

The foodie tour doesn't just end with a handy Sunday's sandwich. We follow it up with the most promising, AKA my favourite, French bistro in K-town.

For the main of the night, we have the same slow-cooked pigeon as I did last time with my lunch experience. It is cooked medium rare and is perfectly tender and juicy.

Knowing that Bistro du Vin serves the best classic souffle, a Grand Marnier flavour, their madeleines are also another remarkable dessert here. The serve them buttery, soothingly warm, with a touch of lemon flavour. The mini sponge is indeed the best of the best. One is surely not enough!

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Image title

Pigeon en sous-vide

Image title

Warm madeleines

Source: Spot The Food - Best of the Best Madeleine

Fish & Chick

Food coma? Hang in there! Even though we are already so stuffed, this fish and chips place is definitely a not-to-be-missed destination!

Set with an unobstructed sea view and a refreshing environment, Fish & Chick offers the freshest fish choices in addition to seafoods and house-roasted chicken. From England cod, to New Zealand monkfish, to Hong Kong sea bass, you name it and they cook it.

Image title

Handmade crab croquette salad

Image title

Beer-battered fish & chips

Source: Spot The Food - Chicken or Fish?


Situated on the corner of Catchick street, Shoreditch is a trendy gastropub that offers classic British dishes as well as some flavours of East London and a list of craft beers and cocktails. It has a very inviting and industrial look to it with an amazing floor-to-ceiling design. The menu includes seafood chowder, fish & chips and classic pies.

One highly recommended dish would have to be their pork belly. Tender and slow-cooked, the piece of fatty pork belly has an irresistible skin that has been salt crusted to 100% perfection. It is served over a bed of roasted veggies and delectable applesauce.

Image title

Image title

Salt crusted pork belly
Slow cooked with somerset cider, apples & caper sauce, roasted carrots, parsnips & new potatoes

Image title

Sticky toffee pudding
Toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream

Source: Spot The Food - Palatable Trip to London East

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