Bear-Licious! 3 of the Best Bear Desserts in Town

Bear-Licious! 3 of the Best Bear Desserts in Town

Searching for the "bear" desserts in town at Agnes B, i CREMERiA and Okinawa Churaumi Shaved Ice

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 23 Oct '15

B. Barista @ Agnes b. Le Pain Grille

Named after a professional French barista - b. barista, this enticing cake combines coffee creme, creme brulee, a thin almond crust and a sweet caramel toffee cream, which is modified into an image of a bear.

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b. Barista
Coffee creme anglaise, coffee creme brulee, almond chocolate biscuit, caramel toffee cream

Source: Spot The Food - Barista Bear

ICHIGOORI 高知県莓冰 @ i CREMERiA Dolce Giapponese

This adorable treat is basically a strawberry flavoured shaved ice that is made into an image of a cute bear. The combination of strawberry and Hokkaido milk soft serve is incredible and the superbly rich and silky matcha pudding, plus the scoop of vanilla ice cream is to die for. The combination of delicious ingredients ends up resembling a bear nose.

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Strawberry shaved ice, Hokkaido soft serve, matcha pudding, kanten

Source: Spot The Food - The iCremBearia!

White Bear 白熊 @ Okinawa Churaumi Shaved Ice

This is the first Japanese-launched shaved ice pop-up cafe in PMQ. The setting is simple yet sophisticated with many different Japanese elements, accommodated with homey and friendly services. They offer five flavours of shaved ice, including: strawberry, mango, coffee and matcha red bean, plus an extremely popular item - the White Bear.

This adorable teddy bear has a fluffy milk-base of shaved ice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it's served with an additional sauce of your choice on the side. It is delightful to see such a cute, hefty serving with various fresh fruits. It is very refreshing, light and not too sweet.

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White Bear
Milk sauce, orange, blueberry, raspberry, ice cream

Source: Spot The Food - Bearlicious Ice

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