FOODIE ALERT: The Blue Butcher Burger Only in November!

FOODIE ALERT: The Blue Butcher Burger Only in November!

Wagyu beef, seared foie gras and butter poached lobster! What could be more ultimate than that combination?

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Namely the best butcher shop and the only one equipped with a pink salt dry aging room, the Blue Butcher is a restaurant full of little NYC-style elements, with cool, spacious and industrial decorations throughout it.

Given that it is one of the most recommended steak houses in Hong Kong, the menu covers not only an array of steaks and different cuts, but also some delightful entrees including poultry and seafood that are all prepared with ingredients sourced strictly from farm to table.

They have taken inspiration from traditional recipes in order to recreate the local and organic food into more modern and tasty dishes, mostly coming on a big plate to share. They also have signature cocktails such as the Fig & Cheese and the Bangers & Mash.

During the weekdays, the butcher & fries lunch starts with a cold starter buffet, featuring daily selections created based on current fresh market ingredients. The two selections not-to-be-missed are surely the smoked organic beetroot with crumbled feta and the watermelon cubes with sliced ham and a pistachio vinaigrette.

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Cold starter buffet
Daily salad selection
(Organic smoked beetroot with feta, cucumber pistachio vinaigrette; herb-cured salmon with pickled onions, caper berries; compressed watermelon with shaved Spanish ham, feta, rocket, pistachio vinaigrette; Belgium endive with orange candied bacon, stilton cheese, truffle dressing)

One main to check out at the Blue Butcher would be their Southern-fried chicken, which is crispy and golden batter-fried, while still being surprisingly moist on the inside.

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Blue Butcher buttermilk Southern-fried chicken
Spiced BBQ sauce

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Black Truffle Orzo & Parmesan

We start digging into the cheesy, aromatic truffle orzo, which is basically a risotto-like pasta cooked in broth and served with tons of parmesan cheese and later indulge in the medium done, dry aged rib eye, that is tender to cut, well-flavoured and has no bone and just a little fat. It is completely divine!

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Dry aged grain-fed USDA rib eye

Rather than the usual offering of the Black Angus beef burger, we are served with an irresistible combination of premium Wagyu beef, poached lobster and seared foie gras sandwiched in a toasted artisan bun.

This ultimate version is only available through November so make sure to get here soon!

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Wagyu beef, foie gras & butter poached lobster burger
Truffle mayo, juicy tomato, fresh cut purple cabbage, artisan bread roll

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All-you-can-eat fries
Melted mozzarella & cheddar, black truffle & parmesan

Finally, one cannot leave the Blue Butcher without trying their signature sea salted caramel ice cream. I personally vote for the mango and passion fruit sorbet though, so give either one a try or both of them a try!

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Image title

Mango & passion fruit sorbet

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Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant
Address: 108 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2613 9286
Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00 ; Sun 11:00-22:30

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