New Brunch Menu Review: The Fat Pig

New Brunch Menu Review: The Fat Pig

Pigging out at a nose-to-tail restaurant helmed by Tom Aikens with a new brunch menu that is out of this world

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 25 Feb '16

We were delighted to return to the Time Square food forum and partake in a feast at the Fat Piga casual restaurant and bar that's helmed by celebrity British chef Tom Aikens, who recently prepared a wonderful evening menu for us at The Pawn.

In addition to a versatile menu which features locally-sourced pork and follows the theoretical nose-to-tail approach, the Fat Pig kitchen has started a brand new brunch menu that is served on the weekends from 11am to 6pm.

Indulge in a gorgeous Belgian waffle or eggy French toast, both are topped perfectly with a scoop of smooth vanilla cream and crispy maple-glazed bacon.

The Fat Pig

The Fat Pig

The Fat Pig Bacon Maple waffle

Crisp Belgian waffle & bacon

The Fat Pig, Maple Bacon French Toast

French toast, maple bacon & sweetened pumpkin

We love the barbecued pork ribs with a sticky sweet and sour glaze as well as the deliciously tender pork belly that's cooked in a brown sauce with an interesting addition of dried longan fruit.

The sides are typical sausage rolls wrapped in a golden puff pastry, as well as an extra creamy, comforting, breadcrumb-topped macaroni and cheese...

The Fat Pig, Barbecued Pork Ribs

Barbecued sweet & sour pork ribs, spiced honey, steamed rice & coleslaw

The Fat Pig, Pork Belly Longan Rice

Pork belly, garlic, dried longan fruit & jasmine rice

The Fat Pig, Sausage Roll

Sausage roll, coleslaw

The Fat Pig, Ham Hock Mac & Cheese

Ham hock, mac & cheese

We also tried the crispy croquette that is made with pig’s head, which was completely out of this world!

Between the two mini brioche sliders, the pulled pork impressed us a bit more due to its smoky savouriness and the beer-battered onion rings that added a nice crunchy bite.

The Fat Pig, Ham Hock Mac & Cheese

The Fat Pig, Pig's Head Croquette

Pig’s head croquette, watercress salsa verde

The Fat Pig, Pulled Pork Brioche Bun

Pulled pork brioche bun, coleslaw, onion ring

The Fat Pig, Salted & Dry-roasted Pork Belly Brioche Bun

Salted & dry-roasted pork belly brioche bun, fermented cabbage

Finally, we pampered ourselves with some of the new desserts including a chocolate caramel tart and a super indulgent, smoked bacon ice cream sundae for a final finishing touch. It had smoked bacon ice cream, caramel sauce, brownie bites and more vanilla cream. This one is a must try!


After such an outstanding brunch experience, We're loving The Fat Pig more and more and will be back before long.

The Fat Pig, Smoked Bacon Ice Cream Sundae

Smoked bacon ice cream sundae

The Fat Pig, Chocolate Caramel Tart

Chocolate caramel tart

The Fat Pig, Chunky Monkey

Chunky monkey
Diplomatico Anejo rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, peanut butter

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The Fat Pig by Tom Aikens

Website / Tel: 2577 3444

Open hours: Mon - Sun 11:00 - 23:00

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