NEW Cafe Review: Artisan Room

NEW Cafe Review: Artisan Room

Artisan Room is a new cafe in Sai Ying Pun hidden on South Lane

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 27 Feb '16

Enter the Artisan Room, the new hip cafe that just opened in Sai Ying Pun, and you will instantly feel a relaxing vibe from the soothing environment and chic space that greets you with wall paintings and a communal table. It offers a welcome escape from the crowds of Shek Tong Tsui neighborhoods and serves coffee and tea, and refreshments using antique pottery.

Artisan Room HK

One of the murals inside

Artisan Room HK

Ceramic coffee mug

We tried a cup of slow-dripped coffee made from Gothicism, the best Dutch-Korean style cold brew coffee maker, which we were told is only available in Hong Kong at Artisan Room.

Artisan Room HK, Gothicim

Gothicim: the goth steampunk Dutch Korean cold brewer

Artisan Room HK, Eclairs

Pastry Counter

The Artisan Room partners with Laurent Bakery which provides bread and French pastries such as polenta pound cake, quiche lorraine; also with pastisserie Sil Vous Plait which provides the creatively nailed éclair sandwiches and decadent sweet finger puffs.

Artisan Room HK, Green Tea Latte

Green tea latte

Some of the signature eclairs from the bakery are chocolate chili and mango pepper, but we personally adored the banoffee and sweet potato. Stuffed with banana puree and mashed sweet potato respectively, with a little custard mixed in to add that creamy texture, both the éclairs retained the crispiness and lightness of an ordinary choux pastry.

These are great to pair with their organic tea, Italian soft drinks or Spanish fruit juice.

Artisan Room HK, Sweet Potato, Salted Caramel, Banoffee, Matcha Eclairs

Sweet potato, salted caramel, banoffee, matcha

Artisan Room HK, Single Origin Specialty Coffee

Single origin specialty coffee

We were happy to find this retreat from the busy city and to see its dedication to its craft. We will be back.

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Artisan Room

Website / Tel: 2656 3198

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 07:30-22:00

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