Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up

A pop up store at Pacific Place, only for April!

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 19 Apr '16

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Nakamura Tokichi is known as the purveyor of fine green teas. Following the successful opening of its first oversea branch at The One TST, they are now moving to a new location at Tim Sha Tsui’s Mira Mall in late May.

They will launch a list of new items such as matcha and houjicha soft serve cone, sweetened green tea float and snacks items.

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬

Nakamura Tokichi

Within the suspension period of the movement, Tokichi also launches a pop-up store at Pacific Place to offer some tea groceries.

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬


Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬, Matcha Baaum

Matcha Baamu

NakamuraCha, rich batan chocolate, we love the matcha and houjicha tea jelly which are topped with dango and azuki bean paste. They are not sweetened and the houjicha has a prominently rich roasted aftertaste.

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬, Matcha Tea Jelly

Matcha Tea Jelly

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬, Houjicha Tea Jelly

Houjicha Tea Jelly

Remember to hashtag #TokichiHKatPP on Instagram!

Nakamura Tokichi Pop Up, #‎TokichiHkatPP‬, Matcha Tea Jelly, Houjicha Tea Jelly

Matcha Tea & Houjicha Tea Jelly

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