Bao Bei x Bread & Beast – June Specials!

Bao Bei x Bread & Beast – June Specials!

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast to deliver 3 special baos in Asian flavours

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 3 Jun '16

In the month of June, the made-in-HK East-meets-West lounge Bao Bei is collaborating with my favourite Bread & Beast sandwich joint to deliver a delectable month with 3 special Baos and sweet cocktails, all infused with Asian flavours!

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast, Bao

Kong Style Curry Ngau Nam Bao (Beef Brisket), 5-Spice Crusted Tofu Bao
with Chinese Scallion, Pickled Lotus Root, Curry Mayo & Curry Bao
Tempura mushroom, daobanjiang aioli, crushed peanuts, cilantro & ‘Baoger Fun’

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast, Bao, Okra Tempura

Crispy Okra Tempura with shrimp paste aioli

Featuring their signature Asian styles, Chef Alex Liu of Bao Bei and Chef Lewis Dai and Chef Katy Cheung of Bread & Beast, we loved all from the pulled pork bao made with char siu sauce; spicy beef brisket, which is super tender and pairs with lotus root pickles in steamed bao; and the beer battered mushroom with fried tofu bao that is made suitable for vegetarians.

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast, Bao, Gin-cha

With spiced rum, pu’er tea, Kings liqueur, honey & ginger

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast, Bao, Luohangguo Pinot

With pinot grigio, monk fruit, lemongrass syrup, mint, lime juice

The playful cocktails also include a rum-based ginger tea, our favourite pinot added with Luo Han Guo, which is a very common sweet substitute and medical herb ingredient, and a rosemary sake made with tequila, yuzu sake, Campari, orange juice & rosemary.

#BBxBB Bao Bei x Bread & Beast, Bao, Char Siu Pulled Pork Bao

Char Siu Pulled Pork Guo Bao
With charred spring onion, shredded cucumber, and pineapple ketchup

Available from 4-30th of June,
hashtag #BBxBB for more!

B1/F, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


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