FOODIE ALERT: Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up

FOODIE ALERT: Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up

The Beats & Liberty has everything exclusive to PMQ Pop-up!

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 17 Jul '16

Beef & Liberty has been serving some great burgers over the years. Lately they have popped up at PMQ in collaboration with KEF Speakers, opening every Friday and Saturday until September to bring live music, hamburgers, craft beer, art and culture together.

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up

Beef & Liberty Pop-Up

The space is massive and filled with street art, loud music, a bar to order food, a few number of sittings as well as mostly standing tables.

The menu is slightly different from their restaurants, a shorter yet still sufficient version that includes some new appetizers, our favourite burgers, soft-serve desserts and drinks on the side, including Moscow mule, a cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer and lime; and fizzy lemonade.

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, Moscow Mule, Lemonade

Moscow Mule, Lemonade

We had all the three appetizers and my favourite was the crispy battered carrots and crispy chicken wings with sweet and spicy sauce. The beef brisket croquettes was also amazing with a crunchy coating, tender filling and spiced kimchi mayo.

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, Beef Brisket Croquettes, Kimchi Mayo

Beef Brisket Croquettes
With kimchi mayo

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, crispy carrots

Crispy Carrots
Spiced & battered

Moving on to burgers, the Notorious P.I.G burger was packed with deliciously rich pulled pork, tangy apple slaws and two to three cracklings; whereas the signature bacon cheeseburger veggie burger was still surprisingly juicy, cooked medium and filled with lovely melted raclette cheese.

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, Bacon Cheese burger, sweet potato fries

Bacon Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, Notorious P.I.G. burger, liberty fries

Notorious P.I.G., Liberty Fries

The super thick cut liberty fries and the addictive sweet potato fries were perfect pairings to our hamburgers.

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, Notorious P.I.G, Bacon Cheese Burgers

Notorious P.I.G., Bacon Cheese
Wicks English pulled pork, apple slaw & crackling
Beef patty, crispy bacon & raclette

Finally, their soft serve ice cream is surely worth a special mention because it was magnificently smooth and rich in chocolate! You may top it off with a chocolate bar as well!

Beef & Liberty PMQ Pop-up, 99 Flake, Soft Serve Chocolate Bar

99 Flake
Italian chocolate soft serve with Cadbury Flake

Shop S109-S113, 1/F, Block A Staunton, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


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