Creative Gifts for Foodies

Creative Gifts for Foodies

Cool presents for your food-loving friends

stephanie.fung  stephanie.fung  on 26 Jul '16

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1. Practical Foodie

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They are all about efficiency and practicability, hence this 9-piece in one bowl set is the perfect gift.  It includes both a large and small mixing bowl, colander, sieve, and five measuring cups. Each item stacks together neatly, taking up very little space so your practical foodie friend's kitchen can maintain its order. 

Joseph Joseph HK

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2. Do-It-Yourself Foodie

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(Photo credit: HK Brewcraft)

A night out drinking with friends is fun, but what is better than brewing your own beer at home. It is not only surprisingly easy and enjoyable, but also impressive when you nail the perfect batch and treat your friends afterwards. HK Brewcraft sells a selection of beer brewing kits with various flavours of beer you can choose from before you get hopping. 

HK Brewcraft

Website  or Tel: 5925 2739

4/F, 15 Cochrane Street, Central

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun from 11:30am - 8:30pm 

3. Health-Conscious Foodie

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(Photo credit: Taboocha Facebook

Healthy foodies will love the latest kombucha craze and this set sold by Hong Kong local kombucha brew - Taboocha might be the perfect fermented gift. Kombucha is a fermented beverage made with Chinese tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast that is said to boost health, strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body.



4. Creative Foodie

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(Photo credit: MisoSoupDesign Facebook)

Buying creative or funny kitchenware and accessories for a foodie friend is always going to be a hit. The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl designed by MisoSoupDesign features a built-in Iphone dock and solves the problem of single foodies who want to use their phone while they eat in comfort and solace. Don't be mad, but this bowl isn't actually available yet. We couldn't help but mention it though as we really, really want one. 

5. Busy Foodie

When you get home after a long day and your meal is hot and ready...

You will always have a friend who loves to cook and eat but is too busy for it. There is nothing better than buying them a slow cooker as a gift. Especially for those who are looking for good, economical food with minimal effort. They can just let their food cook unattended all day so it will be ready to eat when they get home at night. 

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