Pokémon Go has launched in HK!

Pokémon Go has launched in HK!

How restaurants and bars can benefit from Pokémon Go

stephanie.fung  stephanie.fung  on 25 Jul '16

The new augmented reality smartphone game Pokémon Go has finally launched in Hong Kong! Immediately after the launch, the streets of Hong Kong are already flooded with Pokémon Go users, old and young, walking around with their phones trying to catch 'em all.

So how can restaurants and bars benefit from all this? In the U.S., cafés have put up stands saying: "Anyone in Team Mystic gets a free cup of coffee" or "We're a pokéstop! Drop by and try lemonade and hibiscus tea - Pikabrew!" On the other hand, with McDonald's as the sponsor for Pokémon Go Japan, it has turned all the McDonald's stores in the country into Pokémon Go 'gyms'.  This has created another revenue stream for McDonald's.  

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Hong Kong restaurants and bars can definitely take advantage of this to drive their businesses. Here's a list of what you can do to join into the hype of Pokémon Go and increase your restaurant sales.

1. Pokéstops

Pokéstops are places that allow you to collect items such as Pokéballs and eggs. They are usually areas with historical significance, monuments and art installations. Hence, if your restaurant or bar happens to be one, you should take advantage of this! Make sure you advertise this and the fact that your restaurant also provides free wifi and people will flood in to get potions, Pokéballs, and food of course. 

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2. Drop lures  

Lure Modules are potions that you can purchase and use only at Pokéstops. Once you drop a Lure Module, it will attract wild pokémons to that particular Pokéstop for gamers to catch. Lure Modules are around HKD$8 only! This will draw people to the area around your restaurant. In the U.K., people are even hired specifically to drop lures to attract customers. 

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3. Pokémon-themed dishes

Another option restaurants or bars can go for is having Pokémon-themed dishes and drinks. For example, London burger restaurant Maxwell's released a range of Pokémon milkshakes to gain customers. Back in 2015, Satay King in Hong Kong also collaborated with Nintendo to serve Pokémon-themed food and it was a hit. They should do this again. 

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(Photo: Satay King Pikachu shaped rice)

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

Just like McDonald's in Japan, restaurants, bars and stores may have partnership opportunities in the future with Niantic. As a result of the partnership, McDonalds' sales increased rapidly. By paying Niantic, restaurants, bars and stores will become a 'Pokémon Gym'. This will definitely attract customers to eat and drink while training their pokémons. 

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Well, what are you waiting for? Go catch 'em all!

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