Pokémon Deals and Offers in Hong Kong

Pokémon Deals and Offers in Hong Kong

The craze continues

stephanie.fung  stephanie.fung  on 1 Aug '16

Within a week of launching, Pokémon Go has already invaded all of Hong Kong. Knowing how influential this game is, restaurants, malls, hotels and even mobile service providers, are quickly taking advantage of the game by offering deals to customers to increase sales.

1. FREE unlimited data

Yes, I repeat, FREE unlimited data. Knowing how popular Pokémon Go is, CSL Mobile has recently stated that csl and 1010 mobile network customers will be able to enjoy playing games with free unlimited 4G 375 Mbps LTE-A data, which will not count towards users' monthly data caps! There will be three 30-minute sessions of free Wi-fi each day at any of its 20,000 hot spots from now until the end of September.

2. Pokémon Go-friendly hotel

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Ovolo Southside is the first hotel in Hong Kong to embrace Pokémon Go. Starting from 27th July, the hotel opened its doors to all Pokémon trainers by dropping lures every day from 2pm to 10pm for 6 weeks! Knowing how Pokémon Go drains batteries so quickly, there will also be charging zones in the hotel's restaurant (CIRQLE) and rooftop bar (ABOVE). Furthermore, the hotel bar is also offering Pokémon themed cocktails like The Pikacho (-cho for vinegar in Cantonese) which is a cocktail that combines Redbull, vodka, orange juice and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Other cocktails include the Bulbasour, the Charmelon, the Snorelax and the Jigglypop. 

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The Snorelax is made of vodka, rum, tequila and gin as well as blue Curacao and orange juice

Ovolo Southside


64 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Southside, 3460 8100

3. Pokémon themed Cocktails

Similar to Ovolo Southside, a few more bars are also offering Pokémon themed cocktails for Pokémon fans:

The Woods

17 Hollywood Road, Central, 2522 0281

This bar is offering drinks that are based on the three starter Pokémon, namely Charmander Pineapple Verdita with flaming passion fruit, Squirtle Tom Collins with blue mallow flower and Bulbasaur Basil Daquiri garnished with greens and sprouts. You can taste them for $88 each. Other than cocktails, The Woods also provides complimentary wifi and will be dropping lures from 6:30-9:30pm! Check out their Instagram for daily updates.

Woo Bar

W Hotel, 1 Austin Rd W, Kowloon, 3717 2889

Woo Bar is offering a buy one get one free cocktails from their happy hour and summer cocktail menus to encourage more Pokémon trainers and customers to stop by and try their new summer cocktails that are all inspired by Pokémon Go!

4. Free upgrade in Pacific Coffee

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(Photo credit: Pacific Coffee HK Facebook)

By showing a Pikachu on your phone, you will be able to enjoy a free upgrade on any handcrafted beverages in any Pacific Coffee stores in Hong Kong. Yes, only Pikachu is allowed. This means even an evolved Pikachu, i.e. an Raichu is not allowed. 

5. Poke-Roo Go Challenge

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(Photo credit: Deliveroo HK Facebook)

Deliveroo has launched a Poke-Roo Go Challenge in Hong Kong for anyone to have a chance to win $1,000 in Deliveroo Credits. To enter, simply submit your best Pokémon encounters with a Deliveroo Logo in the background by commenting on their post and tag at least three friends. Five winners will be selected and announced on the 8th August.

6. Discount on first Uber ride

All new Uber users will be eligible for a $100 discount on their first ride by using the promotional code POKEMONHK.

Furthermore, trainers with more than 150 Pokémons will have a chance to win a three hours worth of free Uber ride by renaming one of their Pokémons with the hashtag #UberGOHK. Although this offer has already ended today, it is still worth a mention to show how businesses are so dedicated in luring customers! 

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