HK Local Gems - Rice Burger at May Day

HK Local Gems - Rice Burger at May Day

Canton-style rice burger at Tai Kok Tsui

SunnyVagary  SunnyVagary  on 21 Apr '16

Mayday is the name of the featured local gem in this review. It has nothing to do with the month of May or the famous taiwan pop group MayDay. I think the name is creative in the way that it simply pronounces the same way as its name in cantonese "味帝". From the name, you can tell this is somewhere really "local".

The restaurant is tiny, with only 6 dine in seats. I can't even take an overview picture of the place. Through there are limited seats, I still recommend you wait for a seat, then enjoy the freshly made food.

While I was waiting for my burger, I spotted many interesting elements to the decor. There is a small book shelf next to the seat with collections of comics, travel books and some controversial political books. The owner loves to share the books with guests and it feels great to read something new.

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Here comes my starter - Egg & Cheese Fries

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Now, here is the reason why you should come: cantonese style rice burger! The Japanese created the rice burger by mixing rice with the normal ingredients for a western style burger. For Cantonese style, Mayday mix the concept with traditional chicken and mushroom that are commonly used in potted rice (北姑滑雞煲仔飯)

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Honestly, it cannot replicate the original one 100% but I do appreciate the chef's effort to focus on every single detail, even including soy sauce. 

It is almost May, so plan a tasty May Day for yourself!

May Day Burger 味帝

5437 1969

Shop B, G/F, 117 Ivy Street,Tai Kok Tsui

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