Famous Chefs in your Neighbourhood: Gordon Ramsay and Bread Street Kitchen

Famous Chefs in your Neighbourhood: Gordon Ramsay and Bread Street Kitchen

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One of the joys of living in Hong Kong is having famous chefs constantly open restaurants; example a) Gordon Ramsay and Bread Street Kitchen

Sitting around the open kitchen and bar area with a modern mix of table lamps, pendants, and furniture in an obvious warm tone, we started our weekend brunch with a cocktail and the $38 bakery basket (pain aux raisins, croissant, pain au chocolate).

The breakfast gimlet ($98) is certainly a wake up cocktail, a great complexity emerging from Bombay sapphire gin, grapefruit bitters and orange marmalade. Best of all, Bread Street Kitchen offers this drinks as part of the heavenly "Bottomless Lazy Loaf”; free-flow of cocktails and wines for the two-hour brunch ($188)!

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Yellowfin tuna ceviche ($158) is such a fresh appetiser to start our day. The fish melted in our mouth and was finished with creamy avocado, but also a pleasant surprise by way of the sweet onion and sesame vinaigrette.

And if you are looking for a comprehensive egg dish, be prepared to make some tough decisions. Don’t miss out the Eggs Royale ($148) in any case; silky smooth smoked salmon and poached eggs cushioned on an avocado complemented with the never-gone-wrong Hollandaise sauce. It is simply heaven.

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For mains, we opted for the highly recommended daily roast with root vegetables and Yorkshire pudding ($428 for 2 to share) which is also unmissable. The individual sweetness of each veggie makes for a powerful and moreish taste; beef is grilled to a perfect pink and served with a pungent truffle balsamic vinegar. The overall presentation showcased the best part of every ingredient on the plate.

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I am still able to recall the episode Gordon ramsay showcasing Shepherd's pie on his home cooking TV series few years ago. At his restaurant, we dived into a Shepherd’s pie with braised lamb, potato puree and brioche garlic crumbs ($208). The pie is well seasoned, with a crunchy top crust, and has a subtle and unique lamb flavour. 

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Make sure to save room for dessert as there are a whole bunch and they are well designed to satisfy everyone. We failed to pick only one, and so sampled a wide selection. We had a lovely mug of strawberries and chantilly in an Eton mess that is topped with my favourite meringue ($88), and coconut sorbet and generous layers of mellowed pineapple carpaccio ($88) dressed in a passion fruit sauce that gives a tropical feel to the dessert.

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Ensuring our sweet tooth was truly satisfied, we concluded the meal with sticky toffee pudding, muscovado caramel and clotted cream ($88); is a sweet and comforting kind of dessert with a very rich texture; miles away from the sickly sweet one that can often pop up. 

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Bringing the high standard of food quality and consistency to Hong Kong, Bread Street is a successful case, satisfying our picky stomachs!

Bread Street Kitchen

Website or Tel: 2230 1800

Mezzanine Level, LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, Central

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