DIY Wine Sensory Kit

DIY Wine Sensory Kit

Not sure what that smell is in your glass? Learn how to detect wine aromas and make your own wine sensory kit at home

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Wine is made of many aromas, but somtimes it's hard to detect or identify them in a glass. The solution? Practice! Practice makes perfect, so follow this DIY on how to make a budget friendly wine sensory kit.


You will need: 

  • Small, empty containers (mine are RAJTAN jars from IKEA - while you're there, might as well get some meatballs and soft serve too) 
  • Herbs, spices, and other cooking ingredients (e.g. dried orange peel, white pepper, bay leaf, rosemary, cinnamon)
  • Time and patience for practicing!


Step 1: Gather your wine sensory ingredients

Image titleMake sure to get a range of ingredients and replace them when they get stale - it's hard to practice smelling aromas when there is no scent!

Tip: Use whole ingredients, rather than their grounded up version, for more concentrated aromas.


Step 2: Place wine aroma ingredients inside jars

Image title

Image title

Open your empty jars and place one different aroma ingredient in each jar.

Tip: Try to have as many different jars as possible. Six jars is a good starting point. This way you can have a larger range of wine aromas to practice with. 


Step 3: Close the jars tight

Image title

Image title

After putting your aroma ingredients into separate jars, be sure to close their lids tightly so that no air escapes. You need the ingredients to be as fresh as possible.


Step 4: Open, sniff, guess, and repeat

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If your jars are clear, make sure that they are covered - no cheating! Open each jar one at a time and using your best wine knowledge, make an educated guess. If you get it wrong, no worries, just try again. 

Tip: This kit is a neat party trick, so bring it out next time you have a wine dinner and test your guests.

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