Rosé and Dim Sum Pairing

Rosé and Dim Sum Pairing

With Rosé Revolution 2016 kicking off last weekend, we've got food as well as rosé on our mind

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With Rosé Revolution 2016 kicking off last weekend (7 May), we've got our mind on two things: rosé and dim sim.

Rosé is a very versatile wine that can be easily paired with many Asian cuisines, particularly Cantonese dishes. Rosé goes especially well with dim sum because of the wine's spectrum of sweetness levels (ranging from dry to sweet) and its ability to not overpower the dishes' flavours. It complements everything from delicate seafood to deep-fried pockets of goodness. While traditionally served with tea, rosé elevates the dim sum experience to the next (boozy) level.

Here are some recommendations for rosé and dim sum pairings:

1) Domaine Baron de Rothschild, Domaine d'aussières 2014, Pays d'Oc, France + Spare Ribs and Chinese Dried Pork Sausage Clay Pot Rice

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Eddie McDougall's tasting note: acquired in 1999 by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), the estate has undergone a vast rehabilitation programme, marking the revival of great terroirs in Languedoc. Orange peel, stewed apple and herbal notes show off in the aroma. Dry with great ripe red berry flavours. Round on the edges, very light and rewarding.

2) Les Grands Chais de France, JP Chenet 2015, IGP Pays d'Oc, France + Siu Mai (steamed shrimp and pork dumpling with crab roe)

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Eddie McDougall's tasting note: fun, simple, fruity and very well made. You can't help but immediately feel 20 years younger when the aromas of cherry ice pops and candy floss escape this glass. A refreshing combination of citrus fruits and strawberry dominate the palate. Sitting poolside, this wine is the perfect adult substitute for a Shirley Temple with its Maraschino cherry memories.

3) Eddie McDougall Little Pig Rosé 2014, Victoria, Australia + Har Gao (steamed shrimp dumpling)

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Eddie McDougall's tasting note: as a proud Hong Konger, I made this wine with char siu in mind – a rosé with an Asian twist. Generous yet elegant, aromas of fresh red berries dominate. The darker hue from Sangiovese grapes masks the light taste profile engineered specifically for long summer seasons. I've crafted a rosé that is delicate with flavours of candied cherry and strawberry that inspire extreme drinkability alongside balanced fresh acidity.

4) Mas de Daumas Gassac, Rosé Frizant 2015, IGP Pays d'Herault, France + "Phoenix Talons" (braised chicken feet)

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Eddie McDougall's tasting note: I firmly rank these guys as one of the best producers in Languedoc. Here we have a new release featuring their signature blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvèdre. Visually inviting with its beautiful bright pink tone. Aromas of lush candied strawberries. Clean and fresh taste with a good balance between fruit sweetness and crispy finish. This wine's spritz is well controlled to provide good structure and, as a result, you will notice a lingering finish.

For the full Rosé Revolution 2016 line-up and tasting notes, click here. Long live #RoséRev16 !

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