Drool-Worthy Crackling Pork Belly for $100

Drool-Worthy Crackling Pork Belly for $100

Drool-worthy pork belly replete with crackling and cauliflower mash comes in at just over $100 with the Entertainer's buy one get one free offer

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TheEntertainer  TheEntertainer  on 28 Feb '16

Okay so maybe it's $112. Take that extra $12 and treat yo' self. 

Now that Castelo Concepts are on the Entertainer app, Wagyu, OolaaOolaa Petite and Oolaa Express have mains, salads, soups, wraps, desserts et al available as part of the Entertainer's buy one get one free offers. The mouthwatering pork belly pictured above, for example, would normally come in at $225. With the Entertainer app, that price gets sliced straight in half. Just that tender, crispy piece of pork will eventually be.

What is the Entertainer App? It's a magical piece of technology that houses all kinds of offers around Hong Kong. Specifically, buy one get one free for loads and loads of popular restaurants that we all eat at all the time. 

What does that mean? It means you can buy one nutella and banana croissant and you get a whole extra banana nutella croissant free.

Oh yes.

Possibilities = endless. 

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Castelo Concepts has been doing Western dining in Hong Kong since 1992, so they know a thing or two about whacking out delicious food. Trust. 

Here are five of our favourite dishes on their menus that you can get at half price on the Entertainer app. 

  1. Char Grilled Aussie Lamb Burger (Wagyu - normally $170 / Entertainer $85)
  2. Confit of Duck (Oolaa - normally $255 / Entertainer $127.50)
  3. Baked Chicken Breast (Oolaa Petite - normally $145 / Entertainer $75)
  4. BLT & Mayo Sandwich (Oolaa Express - normally $45 / $22.50)
  5. Tuna Nicoise Wrap (Oolaa Express - normally $55 / $27.50)

The Entertainer Hong Kong app is available for $450 online (use the coupon code FOODIEHK2016 to purchase the app at a discount for $385).

Of the over 1,100 offers from 333 merchants, 160 offers have an estimated savings value that is higher than the cost of the app - so customers may make their money back by redeeming just their first offer. 

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Other restaurants we love on the app are Catalunya, Foxtail & Broomcorn, The Popsy Modern Kitchen, and loads more. 

The Entertainer app is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the iTunesGoogle Play and Samsung Apps stores, with a selection of offers available to redeem - free of charge. Taste more. Live more!



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