8 Healthy Worker Bee Lunch Eats Under $50

8 Healthy Worker Bee Lunch Eats Under $50

Or, how to get out of your lunch rut without busting the bank or your waistline

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TheEntertainer  TheEntertainer  on 29 Mar '16

Lunch can be daunting, even for the most experienced foodies. If you’re like most worker bees, your lunch break is 60 minutes – most spent in queues or elbow-to-elbow on a greasy table, hunkered down over greasy food. Yet, this is a five or six day workweek reality for most of us busy Hong Kongers. Building up the athletic strength to battle through the daily lunch rush is hard enough; staying motivated with enough variety to spice up our work day, even more so. Is it really that hard to come up with a ‘bank’ of lunch eats that fulfill a seemingly simple criteria of quick, delicious, affordable, and healthy?   

Despair no more.

Using the Entertainer app – an awesome piece of technology that contains more than 1,300 buy-one-get-one-free offers – you’re suddenly spoilt for choice. Here, now, are our 8 auspicious picks for top healthy lunch eats under $50.

Note: The app takes care of your BOGOF voucher – just remember to take your work bestie along.

Nosh by Secret Ingredient has recipes that change daily, with all ingredients sourced sustainably. Meals are packed in containers made from biodegradable sugar cane and corn starch, placing even the most mindful of eaters amongst us instantly at ease. Take 2 of their ‘signature meals’ to go, at a grand total of only $47.50 each.

23B Mosque Street, Mid-Levels

Cali-Mex serves up light and fresh Mexican food, Golden State-style. We leave it all up to you, if you wanna go all out and do a taco cleanse – eating nothing but tacos for 30 days – a la Jennifer Aniston. We like Cali-Mex’s salads and burritos, which come 2-4-1 at a cost of about $43.50 each.

7 Lan Kwai Fong

6 Zumufi is the antithesis to juice bars with prices so high, they make your eyeballs bleed. Get a whole lot more bang for your buck here, with a panini at $29. Treat yourselves to a zumufi (a ‘smoothie’ – geddit?) while you’re at it, with the final bill coming in at only $39.50 each. Guilt-free indulgence!

Shop D, G/F, 34 Wing Kut Street  

5 Foxtail & Broomcorn kicks traditional street noodle favourites up a notch by adding a dash of creativity and a dollop of European cooking technique. The “Taipei” bowl – made with fresh Shanghai lamian and 5-spice slow-cooked pork in Taiwanese sauce – is mouthwatering. This will set you and your BFF back $37 apiece.

G/F, 84 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

4 DK Cuppa Tea is the flagship café for the eponymous Hong Kong aromatherapy brand. It’s so chilled out, it’s just the midday break the doctor ordered to help us relax and recharge more than we probably thought we could in 60 minutes. Best of all, these come at a bargain, with a main menu item coming in at about $35 each only.

G/F, 16A Staunton Street

3 Kale pays tribute to its namesake - the green, leafy vegetable. The restaurant, situated high above Sheung Wan, is relaxed, cosy, and offers a peaceful view of the lunch bedlam underneath. The kale quinoa pocket costs $48. Split in two, it’s a scream at $24.

Room 1301 Cheung’s Building, 1—3 Wing Lok Street

Healthy Chicken is out to prove that hearty can be healthy. You can also rest assured your roast lunch comes from agricultural farm-grown chooks. No artificial additives, no preservatives, no microwaving – no guilt. Have a quarter chicken each for $24.

G/F, 87 Wellington Street

1 Café d’i is on one of SoHo’s quieter lanes. It was founded by a group of coffee enthusiasts who wanted to share their appreciation for great coffee and healthy food in a friendly environment. On your Entertainer app, enjoy specialties that include possibly the city’s best muesli, their signature salad, and the open-faced salmon sandwich. The dent in your wallet? $21 each.

G/F, 11 Chancery Lane

The Entertainer Hong Kong app is available for $450 online. Use the coupon code FOODIEHK2016 to purchase the app at a discount for $385. Happy munching!



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