Get Your Greek on with Lunch at Souvla

Get Your Greek on with Lunch at Souvla

The Greek Gods have come to Hong Kong 

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Never have I been to a city where you base your weekends around a lazy brunch surrounded by good friends, copious amounts of food, and free-flowing booze…not that I'm complaining, of course. Though I'm never one to say no to a good brunch, it can often be quite the task to actually pick a restaurant that offers all of the above without breaking the bank each weekend and that all of your friends agree on. Thankfully, Souvla is here to help all you desperate Hong Kongers out with their Greek lunch buffet.

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Souvla, located in the heart of the beloved or despised LKF, is a thoughtfully decorated Greek restaurant part of the Concept Creations group of restaurants, offering staple Greek dishes that are sure to please any palate. Lunch at Souvla (which is also offered during the weekday for those who work in Central) is hard to beat; perfect if you're a vegetarian as their buffet selection is purely veggie-based, but also great if you're a meat-lover as they have a "Rump & Rooster" special add-on if you want to indulge in their carving station of roasted chicken and beef rump.

Vegetarians, rejoice! Souvla's weekend buffet spread is all about the vegetables, so not only can you stuff your face with delicious Greek delights but you don't have to feel as guilty about doing it. It's pretty much a win-win situation. The buffet includes plenty of rice dishes, a variety of marinated vegetable salads - Greek, beet, chickpea, etc., and a few hot dishes like corn on the cob, beans, and roasted potatoes. All of the vegetable dishes were delicious and healthy, so long as you steered clear of the mayo-based ones. We were all a big fan of the dishes offered, though some could use a bit more flavour. But, I suppose for the price, beggars can't be choosers.

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On Saturdays you can pay an extra $20+ to add a meat souvla to your buffet and on Sundays, for a little more than $100, you can add on unlimited chicken and roast at their carving station.

Their dessert buffet has plenty of Greek goodies, but unfortunately we weren't overly satisfied with the selection. All I’ll say is that they really need to step their game up on the baklava. With that perfected, I would probably be there every weekend.

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So, what makes this buffet even more appetizing than it already is? Well my booze-and-brunch-loving HK friends, it's the fact that Souvla offers no corkage fees on Saturdays during lunch and Sunday all day. Yes, you heard me right - you can bring in a cheeky bottle (or two!) of your own wine to wash down all their buffet goodness for free. Pretty sure you can't beat that deal anywhere else in HK!

Saturday buffet only: $168 includes buffet + coffee/tea
Saturday buffet & souvla: $188-$208 includes buffet + choice of souvla + coffee/tea
Sunday Rump & Rooster: $295 includes buffet + unlimited roast + coffee/tea

1/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building / 40 D'Aguilar Street / 2522-1823

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