NEW Restaurant Review: Fishsteria in Wanchai. Get ready for some seafood that will seriously exceed expectations at Fishsteria in Wanchai

NEW Restaurant Review: Fishsteria in Wanchai

Get ready for some seafood that will seriously exceed expectations at Fishsteria in Wanchai

thisgirlabroad  thisgirlabroad  on 19 Feb '16

One would think that, being on an island and all, Hong Kong would have some top-notch seafood restaurants. While there are a few that stand out, it's hard to find a quality restaurant that focuses solely on serving up fresh and sustainable seafood. This is where Fishsteria comes in. Recently opened in Wan Chai by Gianni Caprioli (the man behind Giando, GIA, and, this seafood restaurant will convert just about anyone into a seafood-lover.


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From the outside, Fishsteria seems like an unassuming small seafood joint, however, once you step inside you'll be swept up by the array of bright artwork on the walls, patterned floor tiles, and various nautical-themed decor. This bar area is a perfect spot for a casual drink and some oysters after work to wind down. Fishsteria also has a large dining area on the first floor with an ample amount of space, large tables and a minimalist vibe.


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The bloody Fishsteria packs a good kick thanks to the red and green Tabasco sauce

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The herbal and flowery hocus pocus fizz is served in a fun magic bottle

There's plenty to choose from when it comes to the cocktail menu at Fishsteria. The "fishy" take on the traditional bloody mary, aptly called the bloody Fishsteria (HK$118) was perfect, as it used 1800 tequila and had a good kick thanks to the red and green Tabasco sauce. We also tried a gin-based cocktail called the hocus pocus fizz (HK$118), which was served in a fun magic bottle. We loved the first half of this drink, but the herbal/flowery taste became a bit too much after a while.


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The jaw-dropping large seafood platter blew us away with fresh seafood

Given that we were at a seafood restaurant, we were ready to get our hands messy with some fresh-from-the-ocean delicacies. To start, we ordered the Large Seafood Platter (HK$888) with an obscenely beautiful array of oysters, scallop, langoustine, cherry stone clam, king crab leg, and blue, pink, and red shrimp. Aside from the fact that this dish caused our jaws to drop, we were blown away by how incredibly fresh the seafood was. 


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The bowl of giant macaroni lobster was fresh and plentiful

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The sustainable salt baked sea bass

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Moving onto the mains, we all shared a bowl of giant macaroni lobster (HK$588) with brandy tomato sauce. Though the presentation could use some work, the macaroni was cooked al dente, and the lobster was fresh and plentiful. That being said, some of us at the table would prefer if it was de-shelled to make eating it a little easier and less messy. We most certainly ended our main courses on a high note as Chef Gianni saved the star of the evening for last: the sustainable salt baked sea bass (HK$768), served table side. If you're dining out with a group of four or more people, this is a must-order dish.


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The white chocolate panna cotta was smooth and creamy

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We could not get enough of this tiramisu martini

To finish off our over-indulgent meal, we shared a few desserts and a cheeky after-hours beverage. The white chocolate panna cotta (HK$98) was so smooth and creamy, and contrasted well with the toasted almond slices, and the dollops of cherry sauce added a punch of flavour throughout. To go along with our dessert we ordered a tiramisu martini (HK$128), which we could not get enough of. We might even take it so far as to say this was the best dessert martini we've ever had!


Whether you're looking for a casual drink and some bar bites, a fancy dinner (without being pretentious), or anything in between, Fishsteria is a great spot to try. Though the service was slightly slow (it was a busy night), when the waitstaff did come by, they were very friendly and helpful. The food was fresh, flavourful and simple, ultimately making Fishsteria a must for all seafood lovers.


Website or Tel: 2343 8111

111 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 pm - 12:00 am



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