Foodie Alert: Chicken Shack by The Butcher's Club. Wednesday nights just got a lot more finger-lickin'

Foodie Alert: Chicken Shack by The Butcher's Club

Wednesday nights just got a lot more finger-lickin'

thisgirlabroad  thisgirlabroad  on 19 Mar '16

In a city where eating out often costs a pretty penny, you can't help but love a restaurant that offers its diners a feast that won't break the bank. The Butcher's Club is doing just that with its new Wednesday night pop-up: Chicken Shack. Every Wednesday night you can get your hands on as many fried chicken and Pabst Blue Ribbon beers as you can manage for only HK$250. Now that's what we call great value.  


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Chicken Shack is held at Steak Frites by The Butchers Club, on the corner of Staunton and Aberdeen Street. You'll get that "down South" feeling (in America, not Repulse Bay) the minute you walk in, thanks to the red and white checkered table clothes, a waterfall of hot sauce, and a live musical duo playing a cross between rock, folk, and ska. While we could have done without the live music, we thought the vibe went well with the overall concept.

Food & Drinks 

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For HK$250 you can help yourself to as many plates of fried chicken, biscuits with butter, macaroni salad, and coleslaw as you'd like. If that's not a good enough deal, you'll also be washing down your carb-laden meal with free flow Pabst beers. In an attempt to sweeten your night a little more, a brownie topped with marshmallow and ice cream will be served for dessert. 

The Deal 

Every Wednesday night (starting March 23) at the Chicken Shack by The Butchers Club. 

HK$250 for all you can eat fried chicken, macaroni salad, biscuits, and coleslaw. Plus a brownie for dessert. 

Chicken Shack by The Butchers Club 
Website or Tel: 2858 9800

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