The Restaurant by The Kinnet

The Restaurant by The Kinnet

When a take-away salad just won't do

thisgirlabroad  thisgirlabroad  on 8 Apr '16

With almost too much choice when it comes to dining out in Hong Kong, the one thing this city is still working on are restaurants that serve food that is good for you, without sacrificing taste. While the city offers a few healthy take-away options, The Restaurant by The Kinnet is a much more relaxing and open restaurant for those looking to satisfy good-food cravings any meal of the day.


White Wine Poached Clams with garlic and fresh herbs

My favourite among the starters were the White Wine Poached ClamsThe Quinoa & Sweet Corn CakesWe loved the three different "dipping" sides of the Quinoa & Sweet Corn Cakes

We began with a few light starters to share, my favourite of which were the White Wine Poached Clams (HK$85) with garlic and fresh herbs. The white wine certainly enhanced the flavour and the garlic added a crunchy texture to the smooth clams. The Quinoa & Sweet Corn Cakes (HK$85) with crushed avocado, salsa fresca, mango pickle, and mixed greens were really tasty. We loved the three different "dipping" sides that you could mix and match to make the dish a bit more interesting.


Roasted Organic Chicken

The Roasted Organic Chicken was tender and juicyImage titleThe Seared Cod was cooked just right

Who doesn't love a good, simple roast chicken? The Restaurant by The Kinnet's Roasted Organic Chicken (HK$148) was incredibly satisfying. Even though there wasn't much sauce on the chicken, it really didn't need much else to enhance the flavour, as it was already quite tender and juicy. The Seared Cod (HK$180) with avocado salsa, warm kale and spinach salad, though quite small given the price, was cooked just right and the avocado and spinach were both equally delicious.


Image title

Our favourite desserts were the pumpkin pie and the chocolate cake

The dessert at The Restaurant by The Kinnet is displayed in the back counter and changes slightly every day. Since it's all low sugar, we figured we'd go a little crazy and try a slice of everything they had. Prices range from HK$15 (for the cookie) to HK$45. Our favourites were the pumpkin pie (literally pumpkin pie, not the spiced variety you'd get at Thanksgiving) and the chocolate cake. Though you can taste the difference between these desserts and the sugary treats you're likely used to, we quite liked the change as these desserts were a bit lighter, which meant we could eat more, right?


If you're a bit tired of the same restaurants or perhaps have been eating out at the wrong (aka unhealthy) restaurants for awhile, The Restaurant by The Kinnet is a great alternative to check out. Whether you're enjoying the outdoor terrace for breakfast or lunch, or are in need of a healthy and hearty meal after a long day at work, The Restaurant is sure to satisfy your cravings without all those additional calories.

The Restaurant by The Kinnet 
Website or Tel: 3968 7623

Hours: Mon to Sat from 8:00am to 10:00pm

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