Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur Launches In Hong Kong

Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur Launches In Hong Kong

This is one pure java jolt we could have morning, noon, and night

thisgirlabroad  thisgirlabroad  on 3 May '16

Originating in Australia, the distinct taste of Mr. Black has finally landed in HK. A cold extraction process that takes over 12 hours with specially chosen coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea that make up the key ingredients and work to making Mr. Black coffee liqueur so drinkable. With each sip you can expect a bitter yet balanced body with subtle chocolate and caramel touches, and a toffee and marmalade finish. 

While most other liqueurs on the market need an additional mix, Mr. Black can be consumed straight-up. Or, better yet, make a killer espresso martini for a bit of a nighttime buzz. Looking to get even more creative? Why not try making a Black Negroni with gin, campari, and sweet vermouth (we promise it's so good!). 

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"It took nine months and over 240 trials to create Mr. Black - and what a drink it is. We're absolute purists when it comes to our product.. Plenty of people make coffee liqueurs, but it's just another flavour to them - an ingredient for cocktails. Mr. Black is the star of the show - a heavy pour over a lump of ice and people pretty quickly get what we're about," says Tom Baker, Co-creator of Mr. Black.

Price: $480 (a bit on the steep side, but it's not an easy process to make this labour intensive elixir)

Available from any Lane Crawford store across Hong Kong or via the Lane Crawford website

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