New Restaurant REVIEW: Maison Eight

New Restaurant REVIEW: Maison Eight

Hong Kong's new "all day, all night" destination

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Maison Eight is trying to shake up Hong Kong's restaurant scene by branding itself with a new concept as an "all day, all night" venue. Having recently opened up across the harbor in TST, Maison Eight boasts four separate rooms, each with its own identity, style, and vibe. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner, casual drinks, a private room, or an outdoor terrace, Maison Eight has you covered. We recently made it over to Esme, the French restaurant, for dinner with a picture-perfect view of the city. 


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To begin, we ordered the Millefeuille of Scottish salmon ($168) with Bollinger Rosé sauce. The presentation of this dish was certainly on point and reflected the rather steep price, however, the dish was a bit tricky to cut and eat (or perhaps we have yet to master the etiquette of eating millefeuille correctly!), and the textures struggled to find a balance. We also felt that this dish needed a bit more flavour, as its overall taste was rather bland. 


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Since we love onion soup, we had to try Maison Eight's onion broth with melted cheese and air-dried ham French toast ($118). We were expecting a bowl of soup to come to our table covered in bubbly cheese, but we were presented with something far from that. While the soup was still good (not to mention much healthier for us), we did miss that mountain of cheese we've come to expect and love on top of an onion soup.


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For our mains, our waiter recommended the roasted best-end of lamb ($398) with a crust of garlic and herbs, and braised vegetables. This dish turned out to be our favourite of the evening; the lamb was cooked to a beautiful medium-rare, and the garlic and herbs added that extra kick without overpowering the natural flavours of the meat. 


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To finish off our meal, we had the crème brûlée ($88) with rhubarb compote, ice parfait raspberry, and almond and oat biscuit. There was quite a lot going on with this dish, and, considering the crème brûlée was really good, we would have preferred a larger portion of that than the addition of the ice cream and biscuit. 

Overall Thoughts On Maison Eight 

Maison Eight has a lot of potential to be a great, well-rounded venue. Looking at Esme specifically, it needs a few tweaks to its menu to ensure that the dishes taste as good as they look and could work on creating a more inviting and lively atmosphere. We were quite fond of the bar area at Maison Eight, where we caught the end of a live jazz band belting out some fantastic music while we enjoyed one final cocktail (which are very reasonably priced and delicious) on the terrace. 

Maison Eight 
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