Duddell's: 7-course Krug Tasting Menu

Duddell's: 7-course Krug Tasting Menu

The coming-together of fine champagne and Chinese cuisine

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What's better than fine champagne and high-quality Chinese food? Perfectly pairing the two together over a 7-course Krug tasting menu at Duddell's. From now until July 3, for lunch or dinner, you can indulge in 7 courses of expertly-selected signature Duddell's dishes that have been paired with three varieties of Krug Champagne:  Krug Grande Cuvée, Krug 2003 and Krug Rosé. 

Here's a sneak peak at what you can expect on the menu: 

Course 1: Sliced Wild Abalone, Pork Knuckle Caviar / Krug Grande Cuvée

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You don't have to be an abalone lover to enjoy the first dish; the subtle flavours of each ingredient blend together to form a complex and intriguing taste. Paired with the Krug Grande Cuvée, this was the perfect start. 

Course 2: Sautéed Lobster, Crispy Conpoy

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The succulent lobster complimented the conpoy's texture, and the broccoli soaked up the delicious sauce from this dish. 

Course 3: Stuffed Crab Shell, Black Truffle / Krug 2003

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Though initially a bit odd-looking, once you've cracked open the stuffed crab shell, you'll instantly be hit with an enticing aroma of black truffle, which is beautifully paired with the Krug 2003. 

Course 4: Fried Pigeon, Premium Soy Sauce / Krug Rosé

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One of our favourite dishes of the evening was the tender fried pigeon covered in premium soy sauce, paired with the Krug Rosé. 

Course 5: Poached Tianjin Cabbage, Yunnan Ham, Supreme Broth

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Taking a break from the former meat and seafood courses, the poached tianjin cabbage was a delight for the eyes, although the flavour was unsurprisingly dull. 

Course 6: Fried Rice, M9 Australian Wagyu Beef, Scallion

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The fried rice with M9 Australian Wagyu beef was good, albeit simple and not of the calibre you'd expect from such a high-end tasting menu. 

Course 7: Crispy Sesame Ball, Gold Leaf & Supreme Tie Guan Yin

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To finish off, we had a Chinese classic - crispy sesame ball - and washed it down with a cup of Supreme Tie Guan Yin. 


7-course Krug Tasting Menu - HK$1,280 + 10% per person
7-course Krug Tasting Menu with Krug pairing - HK$2,880 +10% per person 

Website or Tel: 2525 9191

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