NEW Summer Menu: Cocotte

NEW Summer Menu: Cocotte

An array of new French dishes in this tucked-away restaurant

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Hidden away on Shin Hing Street on the border of Central and Sheung Wan is where you'll find quaint little French restaurant, Cocotte. From delicious beef tartare to the perfectly pan fried Hokkaido scallops, Cocotte's new summer menu items from Executive Chef Petrous Moldovan (one of the three brothers that own Cocotte and NEO) dishes are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Filet de Boeuf Tartare / Poached Blue Lobster & Caviar

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The massive Filet de Boeuf Tartare - 200g ($248) was overwhelmingly delicious and incredibly rich; best to share between 2-4 people. The large portion comes with a side of homemade fries that, albeit a bit cold, we could not stop eating. While we appreciated the presentation of the Poached Blue Lobster & Caviar ($240), there were too many competing flavours: the caviar overpowered the lobster and the tomato gazpacho didn't seem to blend in with the other ingredients.

l'Entrecote de Boeuf / Hokkaido Scallops

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If you're looking to share dishes, go for the massive l'Entrecote de Boeuf - 500g ($650) with truffled potato puree and tarragon mustard. This particular cut of ribeye was a bit too fatty around the edges for some, however, others at the table enjoyed it. We didn't know how the wild black rice would taste with the Hokkaido Scallops ($290), but the pairing ended up working well, especially with the mango and ginger salsa.

Dessert - Valrhona Chocolate & Passion Fruit Delice

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My favourite of Cocotte's new summer menu items has to be the dessert. The Valrhona Chocolate & Passion Fruit Delice ($98) had an intricate mix of flavours; the richness of the chocolate complemented the passion fruit sauce (which was poured in the bowl afterwards) and vanilla chantilly. All around the table, this dish received a resounding "yes!" and was a fantastic end to our meal.


If you haven't already been, I would recommend going to Cocotte for an intimate dinner, whether with a close friend or on a date. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is simple and cozy. In saying that, the food is a bit on the expensive side, and the dishes didn't exactly blow us away (save for that tartare and the dessert!).

Website or Tel: 2568 8857

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