NEW Menu: Taco Tuesdays at Jinjuu

NEW Menu: Taco Tuesdays at Jinjuu

Because you can never have too many excuses to eat tacos

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Jinjuu, the well-established modern Korean restaurant in the heart of LKF, has just launched an all-new Taco Tuesday menu featuring an array of (yup, you guessed it) tacos and tequila-based cocktails. Unlike your typical Mexican Taco Tuesday, Jinjuu's taco creations are infused with a dash of Korean flare. 

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We tried two of Jinjuu's premium tacos; the Lobster Taco ($200) and the Hanwoo Taco ($250). While not exactly easy on the wallet, we really loved the Hanwoo Taco with grilled superior grade 9 Hanwoo Korean beef, watercress, red onion, dill pickle, tomato, shoestring fries and kimchi bearnaise, however, the Lobster Taco could have done with a lot more lobster. The other five tacos on the menu range in price from $105 to $200

Be sure to wash down those tacos with one of four specialty cocktails created by Jinjuu's Mexican bar manager Edgar Santillan, all priced at $90. Our favourite was the Sokcho Beach, made with Hwayo 25, Ocho tequila, lemon & kiwi juice, coconut syrup, egg white, and grapefruit bitters. 

The Taco Tuesday menu at Jinjuu is available every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to close.

Website or Tel: 3755 4868

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