New Dinner Menu: Aberdeen Street Social

New Dinner Menu: Aberdeen Street Social

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The menu may be new, but the experience is still great

Aberdeen Street Social has been one of my favourite spots to grab a cheeky cocktail (or two) after work or hang out during a lazy Sunday brunch, so when I heard they were launching a new dinner menu, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it. The new menu adds a selection of seafood and grilled items, as well as maintaining some of the old favourites (which basically means you can't go wrong with Ab Street).


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We started on a healthy note (which obviously didn't last long) to make ourselves feel better after a weekend filled with too much food and booze by ordering the Isle of Wight heirloom tomato salad and burrata ($158). One of my favourite classic salads, Aberdeen Street Social's did not disappoint; the dish was colorful, the tomatoes were fresh and the burrata was rich and creamy. Since we had already done our part in being healthy for the evening, we also ordered the pulled lamb flatbread ($128) with basil pesto, chargrilled courgette, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella and anchovy. I loved that they certainly didn't skimp on the quantity of ingredients but could have done with a few less anchovies.


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The grilled selection was a new addition to the menu, so we opted for the 10-ounce M6 Australian Wagyu rump ($350), which was grain fed for over 300 days. I love love love steak frites, and while I wished the steak was slightly more tender, the rump was very satisfying and paired well with the house and Béarnaise sauces. Since acting like an adult is apparently a challenge, I couldn't help myself when I saw the mezze maniche ($200) – truffle mac, beef cheek and cheese – on the menu. This was an instance where I was grateful for my lack of self-control because this dish of creamy, rich mac 'n' cheese was incredible; the truffle was present without being overpowering, and there was plenty of tender beef cheek.


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A dinner is never over until dessert is served, and Aberdeen Street Social pumps out some creative desserts that are packed with flavour. Our favourite of the evening was the chocolate and peanut bar ($98) with cookie crumble and banana ice cream. The chocolate cake was dense, rich and chewy and complemented the banana ice cream and caramelised banana. To go along with our chocolate-y dessert, we figured why not also order the Don't Feed the Monkey cocktail ($128). This is Ab Street's take on the classic espresso martini, however, theirs is made with spiced rum, peanut butter, salted vanilla syrup and coffee. I'm a sucker for cute cocktails, so I was also swooning over the cashews that came in a tiny cone paper-clipped to the side of the glass.


Though the dishes on the dinner menu are a bit expensive, the high quality of ingredients and taste make them well worth the price. Always a popular brunch and after-work spot, Aberdeen Street Social's new dinner menu gives Hong Kongers yet another reason to visit.

 G/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, 2866 0300

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