Restaurant Review: URA Japanese Delicacy

Restaurant Review: URA Japanese Delicacy

Modern Japanese food in Central

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Having walked by The Wellington at least once a day for the past two years, I actually never knew that URA Japanese Delicacy resides in that building. Having gone unnoticed for so long, when I did hear about it, I decided to give the restaurant's modern Japanese cuisine a go.


You can expect a lively bar, a comfortable and spacious dining area and sleek decor. When I was there for dinner on a Tuesday night, the bar was surprisingly packed with people slugging back pints of beer. Thankfully, we were seated in another area of the restaurant for dinner, which was much quieter. URA also has a hidden outdoor covered beer garden that would be perfect if you wanted to take your drinks to a more secluded spot.


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Though I found it slightly odd to order eggs as a starter at dinner, I loved the Osaka-style egg sandwich ($68). This was a light and fluffy omelette with truffle inside, sandwiched between two thick pieces of toast – so simple, yet so good. While I appreciated the presentation of the charcoal-grilled minced chicken and prawn skewer ($48), I couldn't quite get over the little pieces of chicken cartilage that ended up in my mouth after each bite. Apparently keeping those crunchy bits inside is a very common thing (but not to this expat), for reasons I have yet to understand.


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If you don't mind having everyone else in the restaurant turn to your table to ogle at what the waiter has put down, order the URA sashimi set ($188). Though it appeared to be massive, there weren't as many pieces of sashimi as you may think. That being said, the sashimi was incredibly fresh, and it was certainly good value. URA's most Instagram-worthy dish is the A5 Kagoshima Wagyu steak and sea urchin rice ($438), so we had to give it a try. The dish is certainly impressive in appearance, however, if you're not an uni lover, this dish won't leave you wanting more. While I certainly liked it – the Wagyu was incredible and the soy sauce was the cherry on top – I thought it was rather pricey given the size of the dish (and, perhaps, because I'm not a massive uni fan).


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To finish off our meal, I had the matcha Bavarian ($68), which was smooth, creamy and full of flavour despite its small size. The matcha here is definitely genuine – not like the fake-tasting matcha drinks and desserts you may find at other shops around the city.


While I can't say I was head over heels for URA Japanese Delicacy, I did enjoy my meal there. The vibe is both fun and chill (the perfect people pleaser), the food is well presented and you can tell that the ingredients are all of high quality.

2/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, 2111 9381

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