Fight the Bulge

Fight the Bulge

Here are some tips to make your salad not only healthy but also colourful in an attempt to fight the bulge

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Eat more greens

You need to consume fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight, and eating salads every day can help you do that. To reduce hunger while limiting your calorie intake, eating a portion of greens that are high in dietary fibre is a must! Eating salads is a part and parcel of an overall balanced diet which in turn will fight the bulge.

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Include protein

To lose weight, eat salads everyday, and include a good source of protein in most of your salads. Protein is a filling nutrient that you should include in meals and snacks to suppress hunger for longer after you eat, meaning the bulge is effectively fought. Choose lean instead of fatty proteins to limit your calorie consumption. 

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Limit fatty dressings

Full-fat salad dressings can quickly add calories to your salad and stall weight loss! Homemade salad dressing options (like turmeric and chilli-coconut or fruity raspberry) for greater effectiveness in achieving your weight loss goals and fighting the bulge.

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Healthy considerations

Save calories to fight the bulge! Go to a restaurant that serves up a healthy salad instead of other higher-calorie options. Salads can substitute main dishes and will satisfy you in more ways than one. Vary your salad choices to prevent boredom and throw in fun yet healthy lunch meals like flat bread for a tasteful treat.

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Your body with thank you (and so will the scale)!


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