5 Top Indian Recipe Blogs of 2015

5 Top Indian Recipe Blogs of 2015

5 of the best resources for delicious Indian cuisine from 2015

vineethareddy  vineethareddy  on 14 Nov '15

After a long day at work, do you come home and wonder what to cook for dinner? At this time, ordering-in seems like the best option. However, it’s obviously not the healthiest option. So, what do you do?

Have a look through these top 5 Indian recipe blogs for 2015 and bookmark the recipes you think you can pull off. Here are some of the best culinary blogs that you should consider:

Bong Mom’s Cookbook

Before you get too excited, a ‘bong’ is simply a Westernised expression for Bengalis. So, if you are an amateur Bengali cook, or would like to experiment with Bengali cuisine, this blog is where you should start. The blogger, Sandeepa, weaves stories around her recipes that are predominantly from the troves of Bengali food. From sweet nothings and subtle flavours to spicy delicacies, Sandeepa’s blog is replete with nuances of not only Bengali food, but also the entire Bengali culture.

Image titlePhoto credit: Bong Mom

Padhu’s Kitchen

If you want quick referencing for Indian vegetarian recipes, Padhu’s blog is your go-to guide. There are over 700 recipes for cooking and baking that Padhu has tried and tested to perfection since 2009. You will find simplified, step-by-step instructions to make nutritious dishes. They are hardly time-consuming and mostly include ingredients that are present in your kitchen at all times.

Image titlePhoto credit: Padhus Kitchen

Vegan Richa 

Richa Hingle is a prolific and award-winning recipe blogger and has been at it since 2009.  She underwent a major surgery and is still on the path of recovery. She claims to have decided on becoming a vegan after she and her husband became foster caretakers of their dog, Chewie. It is especially important that vegans receive plenty of nutrients like calcium that is predominantly an animal derivative. Based in Seattle, Richa writes about delicious vegan dishes that do not compromise nutritional requirements. She has over 600 recipes, so whenever you think you need to go off meat and detox, or if you are a vegetarian, Richa’s blog has a lot to offer.

Image titlePhoto credit: Vegan Richa

The Slice Of My Lyfe

The first thing you notice with the blog is obviously how the blogger, Anita Menon, decides to spell ‘life’. She explains that for her, to say ‘lyfe’ instead of ‘life’ emphasises on the imperfections of everything. However, it is not to say that the imperfections are not beautiful. Maybe more beautiful in fact. Based out of Bahrain, Menon writes mostly about her baking, as well as travelling. All her readers get a glimpse of her life, from a rather intimate vantage point. Menon does not restrict her cooking to just baking. She writes on vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, simple snacks, and fine dining as well.

Image titlePhoto credit: Slice of My Lyfe


Another blog that tends to focus on baking, aaplemint is the epitome of appetising food. Blogger Kajal Tejsinghania is, by her own admission, a food and fitness enthusiast and all her recipes reflect that attitude. The blog allows you to choose from a wide variety of healthy recipes and informs you about the benefits of the ingredients, or if there are even healthier alternatives. Many think baking and health cannot fit in the same sentence, but Kajal makes it possible.

Image titlePhoto credit: Aapplemint

Just like skipping meals because you’re tired is not a healthy practice, eating out every second day is not healthy either. What you need are quick fixes that are also wholesome. Since our lives are mostly online and on-the-go now, spend some time surfing these food blogs. You will be blown away by brilliant recipes and the blogger’s awareness of convenience cooking.

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I strongly believe that the organic food you find in your pantry provide the best health benefits.

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