7 Guaranteed Ingredients that Effectively Help with Weight Loss

7 Guaranteed Ingredients that Effectively Help with Weight Loss

From black pepper to turmeric

vineethareddy  vineethareddy  on 14 May '17

It's important to be comfortable with your body. But, sometimes, you may think you need to lose a few pounds to be completely satisfied. If you are not the one to turn to exercise to burn fat, there are other ways to get into shape without having to sweat it out. And to get fit and stay fit, you need to work on improving your diet.

As difficult as it may seem, weight loss can be achieved by making just a few changes in your diet. The process of weight loss through diet may be slow, but at least you can relax while you notice the gradual changes in your body. And when you are confident about your body, it shows.

To help you in your quest to drop the lbs, here are seven ingredients that can be incorporated into your diet – ingredients that have been scientifically proven to aid with weight loss:


Fenugreek is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine that provides various health benefits, including weight loss. It also manages your sugar levels and significantly increases your metabolic rate. You can simply crush the seeds after heating them and add them to warm water or another beverage.


Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation that contains the goodness of three herbs: amla, behada and harada. It cleanses and nourishes your body from within. It also facilitates digestion and eliminates toxins. You can simply add triphala powder to your tea and enjoy its health benefits. It also helps in weight loss by boosting your metabolism.


Cinnamon is a delicious spice that is known for its numerous health benefits. It is often added to improve taste in both sweet and savoury foods. It has been used for medicinal purposes around the world for ages. And what better than to have something that is not only tasty but healthy too? Studies show that adding a spoonful of cinnamon to your daily diet can aid weight loss. It improves the digestive system and regulates blood sugar. When taken along with honey, it works wonders.


Ginseng is another popular herb known for its weight loss benefits. Apart from helping you along on your way to lose weight, it also improves your energy levels. Now doesn’t this sound like an easy way to lose those extra pounds?

Black pepper

A surprising ingredient that tackles extra weight is black pepper. It's known to prevent the formation of fat cells – it's said that black pepper helps to burn as many calories as a long walk. Due to the chemical composition of piperine, it gives out a pungent flavour. Black pepper works best when added to lemon juice, which is another great weight loss ingredient.


Turmeric is a common ingredient in many Indian dishes. Not only does it add flavour, but turmeric also discourages the formation of fat in the body. Turmeric also has many health benefits that cannot be ignored. It contains an anti-inflammatory component, curcumin, which is key medicinally.


Another popular ingredient in Asian cuisines, ginger has many health benefits and is widely used as a medicinal food. It actively soothes and relaxes the intestinal tract. And with its thermogenic properties, it also boosts your metabolism. This ingredient is commonly used for weight control.

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I strongly believe that the organic food you find in your pantry provide the best health benefits.

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